Photo courtesy of Karin Trail-Johnson
“The heart feels . . . and the intelligence is educated by reflecting on that feeling.  Everyone is born with a mind, but it is only through this act of introspection, of self-examination, of establishing communication between the mind and the heart, the mind and experience, that you become the individual, a unique being — a soul.  And that is what it means to develop a self.”
William Deresiewicz, Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite

Goal Setting
Students are asked to reflect on past experiences to create goals, focused on academic, athletic, and personal achievement – and identify steps to achieve these goals through intentional living.

Challenging Discussions
Students are asked to replace closed questions with open ended ones as much as possible and to ask for examples and clarification. Journaling helps to derive meaning and integrate self-awareness with behavior.

Individual Goal Setting
Through individual meetings, future plans and areas of concern are discussed to develop short and long term goals.

Identity Sculpture
Students are given instructions and a short time to create a sculpture that represents their identity, allowing students to think about identity differently.

Baccalaureate Visioning Team
Seniors gather throughout April to reflect on their Macalester journey, out of which reflections emerges a theme and vision for the Senior Class’ Baccalaureate Celebration.

Multifaith Council Conversations
In order to deepen capacity for dialogue across difference, students participate in weekly discussions, co-facilitated by students, about religious identity.

Ted Talks Discussion Group
To connect with coaches on a different level, teams watch and discuss Ted Talks. Discussions consider the impact of the Ted Talk on the group, as a whole, instead of individually.

Reflecting on your Strengths Interviews
Students, or alumni, make appointments with staff to help clarify what areas to focus on in their job search, or next steps. Discussion is focused solely on strengths or positives, then to subsequently prioritize  skills/interests/environments that are most fulfilling.

Vocational Landscape Activity
In a group setting, members take turns writing heart-awaking questions.  Each member shares with the group their answer, and then offers a question to the another group member.

ETC Circles
Trough trainings, a retreat and weekly small group meetings, students simultaneously build community with their ETC Circle peers, go through a process of building an image of ‘best self,’ and learn tangible skills in empathetic listening and motivational interviewing. With these skills, students become more able to help one another engage in productive reflection in pursuit of becoming their best self.

Senior Keystone
Through a retreat and meetings, the Keystone community is a space to ask bigger questions with peers and join together their academics with questions of meaning and purpose to encourage their theological or philosophical mind and ethical practice. Explore such topics as family influence, regret and failure, forgiveness and modes of meaning making.