Award Descriptions

Frank and Mollie Steudle Prize for Civic Engagement
An award given to a graduating senior with distinguished work in interdisciplinary studies in physical, mental, and emotional wellness, active in community service, working with the elderly, and planning a career dedicated to helping others.

George Stanley Arthur Prize for Civic Engagement
Established in 2000 by Andrew William Arthur, Class of 1983, and his father, Robert Arthur. Awarded to a graduating senior who best exemplifies Macalester College’s historic tradition of service to the community and is in good academic standing. The form of community service may take different forms, and it is preferred that the recipient have a grade point average of 3.7 or higher.

Frank and Mollie Steudle
George Stanley Arthur
2017 Brett Hahn Mara Halvorson, Juliette Myers, Cole Ware
2016 Ngoc Nguyen Paige Moody, Rachel Ozer-Bearson, John Stark
2015 Cody Dail Eura Chang, Sara Saltman, Rachel Swanson
2014 Miriam Magana Josie Ahrens, Nora Kassner, Claire Runquist
2013 Beth Moretzsky and Rosie Glenn-Finer Jonas Buck, Angela Butel, Ellen Nikodym
2012 Tan Do Stephanie Enwright, Anna Kistin, Kaitlin Roh
2011 Mina Tehrani Gabriela Santiago, Vera Slidova, Julia Smith
2010 MaryBeth Grewe Robert Jentsch and Hannah Rivenburg
2009 Ellina Xiong Julia Quanrud and Megan Macpherson
2008 Elizabeth Mathiot Raina Fox
2007 Alissa Ridenour Ihotu Ali
2006 Rachel Fletcher Anna Lifson
2005 Johanna Nice and Luke Calhoun Anne Marie Herwig
2004 Janna Cuneo Susannah Hansen and Daniel Ungier
2003 Tina Falle Shoshana Daniels and Katie Boyum
2002 Madelein Heins Laura Smith
2001 Tailia Sadowy and Annika Eriksen Sara Jackson
2000 Sarah Ullmer and Kate Stebbins Nicole Derse
1999 Katie Carothers and Sherman Wu
1998 Emily Stone
1997 Jennifer Berger
1996 Jennifer Brav
1995 Heather Smith
1994 Theresa Lucatorto
1993 George Theoharis
1992 Amy Knox
1991 Jodi Litfin
1990 Kathryn Tiede
1989 Jason Lejonvarn
1988 Darlene Walser