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Macalester College Clean Energy Revolving Fund (CERF)   Macalester College Clean Energy Revolving Fund (CERF)

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In May of 2010, Macalester College’s Clean Energy Revolving Fund (CERF) merged with the newly created Technology, Equipment and Maintenance (TEM) budget Sustainability Fund.  The TEM budget is the regular campus budget used for capital expenses.  A minimum of $100,000 per year is expected in this part of the TEM budget.  The budget is managed through Facilities Services, with oversight from the Building and Energy-Efficiency Task Force, a sub-committee of the Sustainability Advisory Committee.  A small amount of funds is earmarked for student-generated projects within the TEM budget.

The remaining funds in the CERF account were distributed to both the TEM budget for student projects and to a Sustainability Fund under the Sustainability Office for student projects that have a financial payback.

The new structure was developed by students, staff, and faculty, including one of the CERF instigators, Timothy DenHerder-Thomas ’09.  The new system will allow Macalester to implement larger projects on campus, while continuing to have student input on projects.  This new structure incorporates some of the innovative ideas behind CERF into the regular capital budget of the college.  The Sustainability Office is looking forward to working in this new structure to further advance sustainability at Macalester.

The following documents include more detail on the merger:

Please contact the Sustainability Office with any questions you may have, at sustainability@macalester.edu.

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