For Prospective Employees

Here’s a list of the general work-study positions available in the Chemistry Department (click on each of them to bring up a PDF file with detailed information):

Actual position openings vary by term, and are listed through the JobX system. If you are interested in working for the Chemistry Department, please contact Rob Rossi.

For Current Employees

All of your hours should be logged on 1600Grand on the Employment/My Job tab.

Timecards are due bi-weekly, by noon on the Monday that starts each new pay period, as specified in this schedule. Press the submit button on each electronic timecard. If you have no hours for a pay period but would like to submit your time card anyway, you have to enter zero for one of the days before pressing submit.

If you forget to submit your timecard, you can still get paid! Any hours that you have already logged, Lisa McCarthy will automatically submit your timecard and you will be paid for those hours on time. Any hours that are not on your time card at the time it was submitted can be added to the next week’s time card in the “Hours from Previous Pay Period” section. Just put the hours on the corresponding day. So, if you have hours for the second Monday from the previous pay period put them on the second Monday of this pay period.

If you want to save yourself the hassle of dealing with a check, you might want to submit a Direct Deposit Form.