ChemDraw Installation Instructions

Our College-wide site license for ChemDraw permits any active member of the Macalester community to download and install ChemBioDraw Ultra on any computer. With only your e-mail address, you can install it anywhere (on or off-campus, including on your own desktop/laptop). Note: you must have administrator privileges to install it.  You should find it is already installed in any Macalester computer lab.

Follow these steps for installation:

1) Go to the Cambridgesoft website.

2) Enter your email address

3) Click “submit,” and then “continue” again. You will need to click on the “Register >” button and create a new account with Perkin-Elmer Informatics (unless you already have one, in which case you need to “Login >” instead).  Be sure to un-check the pesky email lists at the bottom unless you really want to hear about the latest in big data analytics software and ChemBioDraw stuff.

5) You should be automatically forwarded to a page where you can download the software you are interested in.  You will need to download the appropriate installer; if you want to run ENotebook under Windows, you MUST install version 12, though you can also install version 14 (before or after 12; but you can not then uninstall the ChemBioDraw Ultra 12 program if you install 14 first). Be sure to download the installer for your operating system (Win or Mac).  On campus, the download should take about five minutes. It may take much longer elsewhere; if you have a slow internet connection you may want to consider downloading it on campus and then putting the .dmg/.exe file on a CD or flashdrive.

5) If you chose to Save rather than Run the file, once the download is complete, close your web browser and double-click on “cbdu1xxx.exe” (on a PC) or “ChemBioDraw 14.x.dmg” (on a Mac). In Windows you will probably get a question about whether you really trust Cambridge Labs and/or Perkin-Elmer Informatics, and in this case you can say yes.  Then you have to agree to the license terms.  On a Mac, drag the application icon onto the Applications folder and release.

6) Depending on the age of your computer, installation may take up to 30 minutes. You should not have to remove any old versions of ChemDraw.  You can install 14 over 12 and keep E-Notebook.

7) Run the installed application and enter the platform-appropriate serial number (there is a different serial number for Mac and PC) and on a Mac, a registration code.  The required codes should have arrived in your e-mail when you first began to download the software.  On a Mac, if you haven’t already done so, you will need to give permission for applications not from the Mac App Store to install, which is in System Preferences:Security and Privacy:General.

8) When you first run ChemBioDraw in Windows, you will probably get an alert that the firewall is blocking ChemDraw. You can tell the firewall to stop blocking it, or not; in my experience ChemBioDraw will work even if blocked.

The same installer file (the .dmg for mac or .exe for PC) and codes can be used on other computers you would like to use of the same type, PC/Mac, and you can install on both platforms if you wish.