Design by Eric Weisser.

I. Purpose

The purpose of Mac Clabbers is to offer the supplies, resources, space, and opportunity for Macalester students to engage in the board game SCRABBLE. Mac Clabbers will organize, support, and participate in tournaments. The club will participate in SCRABBLE related activities on and off the Macalester College campus.

II. Membership

A. Restrictions B. Limits
  1. Minimum. There must be at least two members of Mac Clabbers because it takes at least two people to play SCRABBLE.
  2. Maximum. Membership is umlimited.
C. Procedure for selection and revocation
  1. Selection. No selection is necessary, since everyone is welcome.
  2. Revocation. Termination of membership in Mac Clabbers will take place if such a termination is ordered by a 3/5 vote of the Mac Clabbers board, Macalester College, or the UN.

III. Officers

A. Officers
  1. Capitan. La or El Capitan will be the general overseer of the organization. She or he is responsible for representing the organization, attending a majority of the meetings, and making sure the officers to their jobs.
  2. Skipper. The Skipper is responsible for organizing on campus game sessions and participating in off campus tournaments.
  3. Keeper of the Holy Book. The Keeper of the Holy Book will have the sacred duty of protecting the Official SCRABBLE dictionary, settling rule disputes, maintaining order, and managing game resources.
  4. Bursar. The Bursar will be responsible for keeping track of and allocating money and for submitting the budget every semester. She or he will also be responsible for the purchasing of game boards at the highest possible Quality : Cost ratio.
  5. Tastee Boi or Grrl. The Tastee Boi or Grrl will be responsible for publicity, communication, announcements, and tastee snax for meetings when allowed.
B. Qualifications for Office C. Selection of Officers D. Removal of Officers

IV. Advisor

No advisor is required by charter. An advisor may be appointed or removed by a 3/5 vote of the members and / or officers. Advisors are required to have dinner with the board once a semester in order to review the activities of the organization and offer sage advice.

V. Meetings

A. Frequency

B. Notification C. Quorum D. Call to Meeting

VI. Elections

Officers will come in to office in accordance with III-C in a biyearly general meeting.

VII. Finances

A. Dues B. Financial Overseer

VIII. Amendments

A. Notification B. Ratification

IX. Sunset Clause

This charter will expire on March 1st 2009, at which time it may be resubmitted for renewal and must be re-approved by the Legislative body.