2018 Senior Class Gift Honor Roll

The Senior Class Gift Honor Roll recognizes the seniors, parents, families, faculty and staff who contribute to the Senior Class Gift and those who they honor with their gifts.

If you would like to honor a senior or a faculty or staff member, please make a contribution to the Senior Class Gift by May 9. Gifts made after May 9 will not appear on the Senior Class Gift Honor Roll. Thank you for your gift!

Please contact Sara Johnson ’06, Associate Director of Parent & Family Giving, with questions, comments, and corrections: sjohnso2@macalester.edu

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In Honor of Students & Alumni

Margaret L. Abeles ’17 honored
by Alfred Abeles II
by Robin L. Abeles

Daniel I. Abramowitz ’17 honored
by Adam Abramowitz
by Lori A. Samuels

Laura M. Abril ’17 honored
by Debra L. Schneider
by Catherine Westby

Jhader Aguad ’17 honored
by Elizabeth A. Salvatore

Raghu Aggarwal ’17 honored
by David Chioni Moore

Isabela R. Alesna ’17 honored
by Danilo Alesna
by Maribel R. Alesna
by Amelia E. Nielsen ’08
by Karin A. San Juan
by Eva Q. Timmons

Alysha C. Alloway ’17 honored
by Evelyn E. Cochrane
by Daniel C. Trudeau

Andre G. Archer ’17 honored
by Nancy Bostrom

Rachel S. Auerbach ’17 honored
by Dennis Auerbach
by Julie B. Kaplan

Isabelle L. Ballet ’17 honored
by Ann Cupery Ballet ’87
by Philippe J. Ballet ’84
by Kenneth N. Cupery
by Julia Earl
by Carol Henderson
by William Moseley

Pradyut Bansal ’17 honored
by Alison S. Marks ’17
by Eva Q. Timmons

Nicholas E. Bascunan-Wiley ’17 honored
by Myriam Bascunan
by Erik W. Larson
by Stephen B. Wiley

Mackenzie E. Bell ’17 honored
by Julian Bell
by Robin L. Hutchinson-Bell

Alexandra V. Belyaev ’17 honored
by Alexander Belyaev
by Ilana R. Budenosky ’17

Maya R. Benedict ’17 honored
by Kathryn Benedict
by Michael R. Benedict

Meredith V. Bensen ’17 honored
by Michelle A. Bensen
by Antonio Dorca
by Eileen Valencia
by Ann Warren

Carl M. Bergmann ’17 honored
by Eric Carter
by Julia Earl
by William Moseley

Joseph E. Bermas-Dawes ’17 honored
by Thomas Dawes
by Linda Bermas

Ava K. Bindas ’17 honored
by Nancy Pilhofer

Patrick M. Blomgren ’17 honored
by Gerald Blomgren
by Maureen Blomgren

Emily A. Bohlig ’17 honored
by David M. Bressoud
by Jan Bressoud

Hannah K. Bonestroo ’17 honored
by Bruce T. Bonestroo
by Rhonda Bonestroo

Holden M. Bothun ’17 honored
by Bryon Bothun
by Christine U. Bothun

Heather G. Bourne ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen

Blair A. Boyd ’17 honored
by William L. Boyd Jr.

Andrew D. Boyer ’17 honored
by David Boyer
by Kathleen Boyer

Connor K. Boyle ’17 honored
by Michael P. Boyle

Jordan S. Breslau ’17 honored
by Leigh Breslau
by Irene Sherr

Jennifer E. Buckmaster ’17 honored
by Lisa T. Buckmaster
by R. Scott Buckmaster

Ilana R. Budenosky ’17 honored
by Lawrence J. Budenosky Jr.
by Gigi Cohen

Austin A. Burrows ’17 honored
by Christopher Burrows
by Julia M. Burrows

Emma R. Burt ’17 honored
by Linda Burt
by Roy Burt

Sequoia L. Butler ’17 honored
by David A. Butler
by Nivia Butler

Colin S. Casey ’17 honored
by Anonymous (2)

Willa B. Childress ’17 honored
by Harold Childress, Jr.
by Jennifer T. Childress

Alyssa R. Christian ’17 honored
by Elizabeth A. Salvatore
by David Chioni Moore

Colleen C. Cilwick ’17 honored
by Ted Cilwick
by Kristen G. Moulton-Cilwick

Duncan J. Claypool ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen

Trevor F. Coble ’17 honored
by Eric Coble
by Carol Laursen

Joshua Y. Conlan ’17 honored
by Asami Conlan
by Stephen Conlan

Aidan E. Cowan ’17 honored
by David Cowan
by Valorie A. Fisher

Rachel L. Crane ’17 honored
by Cheryl A. Crane

Emily A. Crnkovich ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen

Alexander S. Dash ’17 honored
by Deborah Dash
by Dylan J. Edwards-Gaherty ’17

Megan M. Davitt ’17 honored
by Michele Davitt
by Timothy D. Davitt

Katherine G. Davis ’17 honored
by Victoria Davis
by Brett Davis

Galit S. Deitel ’17 honored
by Steve S. Deitel
by Janet Sherman

Marla P. DeVault ’17 honored
by Mark DeVault

Mary Warren P. Dickens ’17 honored
by Catherine C. Dickens
by Michael Dickens
by Amelia E. Nielsen ’08
by Eva Q. Timmons

Megan C. Dietly ’17 honored
by Kevin Dietly
by Margaret P. Dietly
by Satoko Suzuki

Erica T. Ditmore ’17 honored
by Michelle J. Bitney
by Erik W. Larson
by Richard Lund
by Susan M. Miller
by Jayne L. Niemi ’79

Samuel K. Downs ’17 honored
by Darrell J. Downs
by Natalie Siderius

Clara M. Drew ’17 honored
by Mary Drew
by Steven M. Drew

Ryan A. Dugan ’17 honored
by Linda Dill
by Connor Dugan
by Mark Dugan
by Joy M. Zimmerman

Caleb W. Easterly ’17 honored
by Debra Nicholson
by Karen Saxe
by Peter Webb

Alexander S. Edelmann ’17 honored
by Elizabeth Edelmann
by Sidney J. Edelmann

Dylan J. Edwards-Gaherty ’17 honored
by Jennifer N. Edwards
by James Gaherty

Patrick J. Eickman ’17 honored
by Diane Eickman
by Frederick G. Eickman

Remy J. Eisendrath ’17 honored
by Julie Dolan
by Eric Eisendrath
by Jessie Eisendrath

Mira W. Ensley-Field ’17 honored
by Lissa K. Field

Alyssa L. Erding ’17 honored
by Karla K. Erding
by Robert Erding

Samuel E. Erickson ’17 honored
by Deborah J. Bock
by Mark Erickson

Nina C. Escriva Fernandez ’17 honored
by Helena E. Fernandez

Tia R. Eskridge ’17 honored
by Cynthia Eskridge

Stefan F. Faridani ’17 honored
by Adel Faridani
by Lorri Hendon
by Gary J. Krueger

Amanda M. Feigin ’17 honored
by Gerald Feigin
by Juliette Meyer

Henry J. Fender ’17 honored
by Jennifer Fender
by John A. Fender

Lydia F. Fermanich ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen
by Jill J. Fermanich
by Kevin Fermanich

Hannah S. Field ’17 honored
by Ted Field
by Cynthia L. Hendricks
by Anne Jackson

Gunnar J. Footh ’17 honored
by Ann Minnick

Kevin P. Fortune ’17 honored
by Gary J. Krueger

Kelsey M. Fox ’17 honored
by Kim M. David
by Cheryl Doucette
by Daniel Fox
by Rebecca M. Fox

Dagmara K. Franczak ’17 honored
by Melissa C. Leong ’17

Hannah Mira P. Friedland ’17 honored
by Howard Friedland
by Terese R. Parisoli
by Daniel C. Trudeau

Emily E. Fule ’18 honored
by Julia Earl
by William Moseley

Eleanore M. Fuqua ’17 honored
by Amy K. Berndtson
by William C. Fuqua Jr.

Xing Gao ’17 honored
by Eric Carter
by Christy L. Hanson

Camille A. Garcia-Flahaut ’17 honored
by Catherine P. Flahaut
by Dylan T. Smith ’17

Zoe C. Geisen ’17 honored
by Karin A. San Juan

Madeline D. Gerrard ’17 honored
by Michael B. Porter

Alexander D. Gershberg ’17 honored
by Amy F. Gershberg

Anneliese M. Gest ’17 honored
by Alfred Gest Jr.
by Alicia A. Moise

Gabriella R. Gillespie ’17 honored
by Julie Dolan

Shay M. Gingras ’17 honored
by Brian Gingras
by Nancy A. Gingras

Griffin H. Glatt ‘17 honored
by Jordan Glatt
by Suzanne Glatt

Ian A. Goodbar ’17 honored
by Eric S. Goodbar
by Martha Goodbar

Jennifer M. Grischuk ’17 honored
by Walter Grischuk
by Constance E. Long
by Catherine Westby

Drew P. Gumlia ’17 honored
by Leonard F. Gumlia

Grace Guenthner ’17 honored
by Sara Johnson ’06

Nicholas Guo ’17 honored
by Pooritat Chanchoocherd
by Chin Tang Guo

Bridget H. Gustafson ’17 honored
by Harry Waters Jr.

Aaron T. Haefner ’17 honored
by Kerri L. Dehn-Haefner
by Ronald Haefner

Brett A. Hahn ’17 honored
by Cliff Hahn
by Pam Hahn

Deidre Y. Hall ’17 honored
by Jeanine Y. Hall
by Michael Hall

Elizabeth S. Hallgren ’17 honored
by David Chioni Moore

James L. Hargens ’17 honored
by Daymond Dean ’91
by Valerie Johnson Dean
by Gar Hargens
by Cynthia L. Hendricks
by Missy Staples Thompson ’80

Kelsey S. Harmatta ’17 honored
by Laura E. Feshbach
by Alexander Harmatta

Eva A. Harmon ‘18 honored
by Catherine Westby

Ryan J. Harris ’17 honored
by Karin A. San Juan

Aidan F. Hennen ’17 honored
by Ellen T. Barrett
by Dale Hennen

Lucas T. Herschbach ’17 honored
by Lucas Herschbach
by Mara Herschbach
by Lin Aanonsen

Elizabeth R. Hildebrandt ’17 honored
by Christina E. Hildebrandt
by Paul Hildebrandt

Brandon D. Hinrichs ’17 honored
by Diane D. Hinrichs
by Jonathon Hinrichs

Lachlan S. Hinwood ’17 honored
by Julia Earl
by William Moseley

Markus M. Hoeckner ’17 honored
by Berthold Hoeckner
by Eva Hoeckner

Rae D. Hohle ’17 honored
by Helen E. Dane
by Roger Hohle

Kevin C. Hollidge ’17 honored
by Colin Hollidge
by Emily Hollidge

Jana R. Hong ’17 honored
by Jane M. Cooper
by Daniel Hong
by Amelia E. Nielsen ’08
by Eva Q. Timmons

Rebecca A. Honnold ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen
by Doug Honnold
by Linda Honnold

Maxwell K. Horvath ’17 honored
by Hope Brochin
by Joseph A. Horvath Jr.

Thet W. Htut ’17 honored
by Catherine Westby

Benjamin D. Huber ’17 honored
by Anonymous (2)
by Lucy E. Drotning
by John Huber

Rosalyn J. Hughes ’17 honored
by Dana S. Hughes
by William H. Hughes Jr.

Tsz Kin Hui ‘18 honored
by Satoko Suzuki

Aaron J. Hymoff ’17 honored
by Christy L. Hanson

Muath Ibaid ’17 honored
by Nancy Bostrom

Raine M. Ikagawa ’17 honored
by Mary Ikagawa
by Toshihiko Ikagawa

Kareem Ismail ’17 honored
by Dunia Ismail
by Maamoun Ismail

Manya Jacobson ’18 honored
By Henry Klaverkamp

Madeleine H. Jaffe ’17 honored
by Lisa C. Levin

Robert W. Jentsch ‘10 honored
by Mary Warren P. Dickens ‘17

Hyun Uk Jeong ’17 honored
by Mark Mazullo

Eben C. Johnson ’17 honored
by Christopher Johnson

Emily R. Johnson ’17 honored
by Teresa A. Fishel

Grady K. Johnson ’17 honored
by Catherine Westby

Hope C. Johnson ’17 honored
by Alysia S. Johnson
by Miles Johnson

Marie S. Johnson ’17 honored
by Eva Q. Timmons

Trey T. Johnson ’17 honored
by Mary Jo Deters
by Mark Johnson
by Benjamin T. Simpson ’17

Kathryn R. Jurenka ’17 honored
by Eric Carter
by Gregory W. Smith
by Laura Jean Smith ’94

Anson R. Justi ’17 honored
by Jonathan Justi
by Kinna C. Justi

Natalie R. Kaplan ’17 honored
by David Kaplan

Lynn E. Kawabata ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen
by Eiji Kawabata
by Kazumi Kawabata

Sowinta Kay honored
by Indra Halvorsone

Sydney V. Keiler ’17 honored
by John Keiler
by Rebecca J. Keiler

Henry S. Kellison ’17 honored
By Joseph E. Bermas-Dawes
by Sally J. Furgeson
by James B. Kellison, Jr.

Andrea E. Kiang ’17 honored
by Elizabeth Hinojosa
by David Kiang

Dylan N. Kilgour ’17 honored
by Dean Kilgour
by Deanna Kilgour

Bo-Sung J. Kim ’17 honored
by Indra Halvorsone
by Eun Joo Jeong

Andrew-Kemal F. Kirchmeier ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen
by Nick Sorenson ’17

Eric J. Kittilsby ’17 honored
by Lisa Kittilsby
by Timothy Kittilsby

Atticus K. Kleen ’17 honored
by Catherine Westby

Sarah L. Klein ’17 honored
by Daniel Klein
by Nancy L. Rubel

Jesse L. Kling ’17 honored
by Stephen Kling
by Nancy S. Miller

Naomi M. Klionsky ’17 honored
by Matthew Klionsky
by Susan H. Rosenberg
by Daniel C. Trudeau
by Harry Waters Jr.

Daniel R. Klonowski ’17 honored
by Catherine Westby

Kara R. Komoto ’17 honored
by Julia Earl
by Cary T. Komoto
by Charlene J. Komoto
by William Moseley

Allison J. Korbey ’17 honored
by Mitchell Korbey
by Lisa B. Lieberman
by David Chioni Moore

Eva Marie V. Larsen ’17 honored
by Debra D. Larsen
by Jan Larsen

Catriona E. Leckie ’17 honored
by Antonio Dorca
by Elizabeth A. Leckie
by Gavin F. Leckie
by Eileen Valencia

Ginny Hyunjung Lee ’17 honored
by Kihyun Lee
by Mijung Yoo

Emma J. Lehman ’17 honored
by Roger W. Lehman
by Melissa Pinney

Melissa C. Leong ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen

Lisa M. Levoir ’17 honored
by Christy L. Hanson

Sarah R. Lichter ’17 honored
by Catherine Westby

Robert N. Lin ’17 honored
by Charles Lin
by Margaret T. Moody
by Harry Waters Jr.

Thyra N. Lindberg-Wysocki ’17 honored
by Antonio Dorca
by Gary J. Krueger
by Andrew Lindberg
by Mark Wysocki
by Eileen Valencia

Daniel J. Lindholm ’17 honored
by Julia Earl
by William Moseley

Elena Lindstrom ‘17 honored
by Anna L. Lindstrom
by Steven Lindstrom

Ian C. Lock ’17 honored
by Anonymous (2)
by Lisa Broek

Claire I. Looney ’17 honored
by Erik W. Larson
by Todd R. Looney
by Lucia E. McDonald

Gozong Lor ’17 honored
by Fong Lor
by Mai Lou Vang
by Karin A. San Juan

Daniel E. Lyew ’17 honored
by Lloyd Lyew
by Naomi E. Lyew

Ali Mahed ‘18 honored
by Indra Halvorsone

Shannon F. Mahedy ’17 honored
by Lisa Broek

Nicole S. Manu ’17 honored
by Karla Benson Rutten
by Marie S. Johnson ‘17

Joshua W. Marcus ’17 honored
by Michael E. Marcus
by Tobi K. Marcus

Stephanie D. Martinez ’17 honored
by Julia Earl
by William Moseley

Jacob V. Mayer ’17 honored
by Satoko Suzuki

Lauren L. Mayer ’17 honored
by Gary Mayer
by Sharon Mayer
by Michael B. Porter

Anne C. McEvoy ’17 honored
by Colin McEvoy
by Colston F. McEvoy

Michaela W. McGonigle ’17 honored
by Mary A. McGonigle
by William Wolak, Jr.

Emilie A. McGuire ’17 honored
by Dorothy McGuire
by Michael McGuire

Cydni J. McMillian ’17 honored
by Burgess McMillian Jr.

Rebecca P. Mendelsohn ’17 honored
by Farah AlHaddad ’17
by Lisa R. Lipman
by Eric Mendelsohn

Aramis Mendez ’17 honored
by Daniel C. Trudeau

Kimber A. Meyer ’17 honored
by Jeanine J. Meyer
by Mark Meyer

Grey E. Micah ’17 honored
by Indra Halvorsone
by Satoko Suzuki

Allyson M. Milenkovic ’17 honored
by Mitchell Milenkovic

Isidore D. Miller ’17 honored
by Jennifer M. Durand
by Steven Miller

Mahala G. Miller ’17 honored
by Erik W. Larson

Pia C. Mingkwan ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen
by Kim M. David
by Cheryl Doucette
by Christy L. Hanson

Sean K. Mock ’17 honored
by Julie Dolan
by Marcia Leong
by Scott Mock

Spencer H. Moor ’17 honored
by Romie Angelich
by Peter H. Moor

Christina N. Moore ’17 honored
by Margo Wylie Dickinson ’77
by Mark D. Dickinson ’76

Dorothy L. Moore ’17 honored
by Robert Moore
by Daniel C. Trudeau

Gordon H. Moore ’17 honored
by Julia Earl
by Gordon L. Moore III
by Jane Moore
by William Moseley

Sager T. Moritzky ’17 honored
by Aysun Moritzky
by Sager T. Moritzky

Nicola L. Morrow ’17 honored
by Christy L. Hanson
by Amy B. Kraham
by Nathan Morrow

Daniel Mussie ’17 honored
by Asther Tekie
by Mussie Zerzghi

Lucas A. Myers ’17 honored
by Kathleen M. Myers
by Stanley A. Myers

Rachel L. Naasz ’17 honored
by Antonio Dorca
by Eileen Valencia

Ami H. Naff ’17 honored
by Clayton F. Naff

Zoe G. Nardone ’17 honored
by Kenneth C. Nardone
by Nancy A. Nardone

Logan M. Natvig ’17 honored
by Julie Natvig
by Paul Natvig

Spencer D. Nelson ’17 honored
by Nancy Bostrom
by Julia Earl
by William Moseley
by Doug Nelson
by Kris Nelson
by Daniel C. Trudeau

Duc T. Nguyen ’17 honored
by Kim M. David

Ngan L. Nguyen ’17 honored
by Karin A. San Juan

Noah M. Nieting ’17 honored
by Brian Nieting
by Pamela Nieting
by Catherine Westby

Tre A. Nowaczynski ’17 honored
by Joan M. Nowaczynski
by Mark Nowaczynski

Sophia K. Opitz ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen

Harvey A. Ottinger ’17 honored
by Eric Carter
by Margaret P. Ottinger
by Matthew L. Ottinger

Amelia G. Palacios ’17 honored
by Jorge Palacios
by Maureen Palacios

Meghna Patiath ’17 honored
by Pradip K. Patiath
by Shalini Sharma

Austin L. Pauly ’17 honored
by Douglas Pauly
by Teresa G. Pauly

Jeffrey T. Perala-Dewey ’17 honored
by Bradley W. Dewey
by Susan M. Perala-Dewey

Errol A. Phalo ’17 honored
by Satoko Suzuki

Allison K. Pillar ’17 honored
by Edward Pillar

Gabriela Y. Poole ’17 honored
by Ginger A. Bloomer
by Gary Poole

Luke G. Poulsen ’17 honored
by Elizabeth Gardner
by James S. Poulsen

Natalie R. Prescott ’17 honored
by Pamela M. Prescott
by Ralph A. Prescott

Jamie R. Progebin ’17 honored
by Christine Progebin
by Keith Progebin

Nathan B. Rackstraw ’17 honored
by Joanne L. Hustead
by Kevin Rackstraw

Abigail M. Raisz ’17 honored
by Daniel C. Trudeau

Eliza C. Ramsey ’17 honored
by Christy L. Hanson
by Richard Ramsey
by Gretchen Van Dusen

Jacob S. Ramthun ’17 honored
by Eric Carter
by Elizabeth Allen Ramthun ’83
by Roy Ramthun
by Daniel C. Trudeau

Forest Redlin ’17 honored
by Amy R. Bird
by Christy L. Hanson

Yi Ren ’17 honored
by Satoko Suzuki
by Xin Yang

Gabrielle B. Rivera ’17 honored
by Lisa Broek
by Felipe Rivera
by Julie Rivera

Everest P. Robinson ’17 honored
by Nicholas E. Bascunan-Wiley ’17

Emily C. Roebuck ’17 honored
by Diane B. Roebuck
by Glen Roebuck

Lily S. Rogers-Grant ’17 honored
by Daymond Dean ’91
by Valerie Johnson Dean
by Lawrence Grant
by Lucretia C. Rogers

Suzanne M. Rubinstein ’17 honored
by Eric Carter
by Allan Rubinstein
by Randy I. Rubinstein

Karlyn C. Russell ’17 honored
by Catherine Westby

Kaan Salcin ’17 honored
by Patty Byrne Pfalz

Emily M. Sanford ’17 honored
by R. Brooke Lea

Rafael D. Schneider ’17 honored
by Harry Waters Jr.

Audrey Seligman ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen

Meredith R. Severtson ’17 honored
by Jacqueline R. Rolfs
by David Severtson

Elena D. Siegel ’17 honored
by Michael Siegel and Sharyn Solish
and in memory of George and Bernice Solish
and in memory of Harriet and Fred Siegel

Quinton O. Singer ’17 honored
by Lawrence Singer

Isabella M. Soparkar ’17 honored
by Anonymous (2)
by Julie Dolan

Jared J. Sousa ’17 honored
by David Sousa
by Jill F. Sousa

Charles Spurr ’17 honored
by Zeke S. Vainer ’17

Molly Stark-Ragsdale ’17 honored
by Amy W. Ragsdale
by Peter W. Stark

Maritza V. Steele ’17 honored
by Marva E. Gordon-Steele
by Vernon Steele

Olivia R. Stern ’17 honored
by Anonymous (2)

Karin N. Stevens ’17 honored
by Elizabeth K. Borg
by David R. Stevens

Madeline L. Stevens ’17 honored
by David A. Stevens
by Elizabeth J. Stevens

Gina Marie Storch ’17 honored
by Angela Storch
by Karl Storch

Evan N. Supple ’17 honored
by Mary F. McDonald
by James D. Supple

Eden B. Teller ’17 honored
by Elisabeth A. Bigelow-Teller

Eloise C. Terry ’17 honored
by Catherine Westby

Kayla C. Thole ’17 honored
by Elizabeth Thole
by Kenneth A. Thole

Samuel B. Thomas ’17 honored
by Charles Thomas
by Patricia A. Thomas

Ted R. Toegel ’17 honored
by Kristin Toegel
by Patrick Toegel

Ashlyn N. Tooley ’17 honored
by Antonio Dorca
by Eileen Valencia

Elena R. Torry-Schrag ’17 honored
by John Schrag
by Karen S. Torry

Carolyn P. Tran ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen
by Diana P. Tran

Katherine K. Tsuji ’17 honored
by Mickie Ochi
by Diane O. Tsuji
by Lyle K. Tsuji

Marcus J. Ulmer ’17 honored
by David Ulmer
by Jana S. Ulmer

Zeke S. Vainer ’17 honored
by Elizabeth Vainer
by Gadalia Vainer

Connor A. Valenti ’17 honored
by Catherine Westby

Kaara I. Vasquez ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen
by Harry Waters Jr.

Marta B. Vegdahl-Crowell ’17 honored
by Karen R. Crowell
by Rolf Vegdahl

Connor H. Vinson ’17 honored
by Satoko Suzuki

Zane W. Vorhes-Gripp ’17 honored
by Louise I. Vorhes ’82
by Catherine Westby

Delia R. Walker-Jones ’17 honored
by Douglas Jones
by Barbara Walker

Ru Meng Wang ’17 honored
by David Chioni Moore

Elizabeth A. Warren ’17 honored
by Jean E. Treder
by John Warren

Alexander J. Watson ’17 honored
by Jonathan S. Watson
by Michele Duchin-Watson

Alexander J. Webb ’17 honored
by Karen Saxe
by Peter Webb

Elle M. Weeks ’17 honored
by Cynthia B. Weeks
by Kevin M. Weeks

Elliot M. Weiss ’17 honored
by Mikal Weiss
by Welli Y. Weiss

Henry Q. Whitehead ’17 honored
by Amy Whitehead

Zachary L. Willert ’17 honored
by Bette Roth
by Daniel E. Willert

Kevin C. Williamson ’17 honored
by Alan Williamson
by Kathleen Hoffman Williamson

Lucius K. Wilmerding ‘17 honored
by Austin Wilmerding
by Elizabeth Wilmerding

Joshua T. Wingardner ’17 honored
by Karin A. San Juan

Erin N. Wiseman ’17 honored
by Lin Aanonsen

Olivia Z. Wolf ’17 honored
by Bruce N. Wolf
by Laurie Wolf

Amber R. Woodward ’17 honored
by Bronwyn L. Woodward
by Duston Woodward

Taylor C. Yates ’17 honored
by Amelia E. Nielsen ’08
by Colleen Slater

Zun Yin ’17 honored
by Yiming Jin
by Hua Yin

Talia R. Young ’17 honored
by Rachel L. Goldstone
by Joe Young

Tayeb A. Zaidi ’17 honored
by Louise C. Anderson
by Jafar Zaidi

Samuel E. Zieve ’17 honored
by Julia Earl
by William Moseley
by Jared J. Sousa ’17
by Carol I. Sparer
by David Zieve

Zhen Yu Zuo ’17 honored
by Eva Q. Timmons

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In Honor of Faculty & Staff

Lin Aanonsen honored
by Trey T. Johnson ’17

Morgan M. Adamson honored
by Berthold Hoeckner
by Eva Hoeckner
by Markus M. Hoeckner ’17

Vittorio Addona honored
by Rebecca A. Honnold ’17
by Lisa M. Levoir ’17
by Xinyu Liu ’17
by Yezi Yang ’16

Samuel J.B. Asarnow honored
by Paul M. Vivian ’17

Thomas C. Barrett honored
by Spencer H. Moor ’17

David M. Bressoud honored
by Emily A. Bohlig ’17

Matthew B. Burgess honored
by Raghu Aggarwal ’17

Eric W. Carroll honored
by Leixin Qian ’17

Eric Carter honored
by Xing Gao ’17

Adrienne E. Christiansen honored
by Maxwell K. Horvath ’17

Beth Cleary honored
by Elena Lindstrom ‘17

Aaron C. Colhapp honored
by Siyan Zhang ’17

Barry D. Cytron honored
by Elizabeth Vainer

Amy Damon honored
by Rachel L. Siegel ’17

Julie Dolan honored
by Sean K. Mock ’17

Susanna Drake honored
by Jacob A. Bessen ’17
by Lynn S. Zemaitis ’17

Coco Du honored
by Xing Gao ’17
by Ngan L. Nguyen ’17

Betsy Emerson honored
by Eliza C. Ramsey ’17
by Richard Ramsey
by Gretchen Van Dusen

Daylanne K. English honored
by Jacob N. Greenberg ’17
by Zane W. Vorhes-Gripp ’17

Susan E. Fox honored
by Yezi Yang ’16

Margaret Gehring honored
by Eliza C. Ramsey ’17
by Richard Ramsey
by Gretchen Van Dusen

Ruthann Godollei honored
by Leixin Qian ’17

Nanette Goldman honored
by Zhanying Cao ’17

Olga Gonzalez honored
by Di Cui ’17

Michael S. Griffin honored
by Berthold Hoeckner
by Eva Hoeckner

Martin L. Gunderson ’68 honored
by Elena D. Siegel ’17

Rebecca Handler-Spitz honored
by Ngan L. Nguyen ’17

Christy L. Hanson honored
by Xing Gao ’17

Duchess Harris honored
by Ngan L. Nguyen ’17

Chad M. Higdon-Topaz honored
by Emily M. Sanford ’17

Joanna V. Inglot honored
by Leixin Qian ’17

Marlon V. James honored
by Daniel I. Abramowitz ’17

Ruth Janisch Lake honored
by Xing Gao ’17
by Ngan L. Nguyen ’17

John Kim honored
by Berthold Hoeckner
by Eva Hoeckner

Christina P. Knudson honored
by Zhen Yu Zuo ’17

Jane L. Kollasch honored
by Thyra N. Lindberg-Wysocki ’17

A. Kiarina Kordela honored
by Evan N. Supple ’17

Tina P. Kruse honored
by Daniel R. Klonowski ’17

Keith Kuwata honored
by Xinyu Liu ’17

Lesley E. Lavery honored
by Alexandra V. Belyaev ’17
by Sean K. Mock ’17

Brian Lozenski honored
by Berthold Hoeckner
by Eva Hoeckner
by Ngan L. Nguyen ’17

Christina Manning honored by
by Heidi S. Affi ‘17
by Alyssa Erding ’17

Joan Maze honored
by Sydney V. Keiler ’17

Sedric McClure honored
by Xing Gao ’17
by Sean K. Mock ’17
by Ngan L. Nguyen ’17

Kelsey N. McDonald honored
by Xing Gao ’17

Lisa Mueller honored
by Gabriel S. Barrett ’17

Amelia E. Nielsen ’08 honored
by Taylor C. Yates ’17

Marcos Ortega honored
by Ariana B. Amini ’17
by Trey T. Johnson ’17

Joan M. Ostrove honored
by Sung Eun Hong ’17
by Lynn E. Kawabata ’17
by Elena R. Torry-Schrag ’17

J. Andrew Overman honored
by Zhanying Cao ’17

Kristi Curry Rogers honored
by Trey T. Johnson ’17

Patrick D. Schmidt honored
by Camille A. Garcia-Flahaut ’17
by Elena D. Siegel ’17

Kari L. Shepherdson-Scott honored
by Di Cui ’17
by Will N. Siskel ’18

Mario A. Solis-Garcia honored
by Almutaz B. Alnaas ’17

Jaine Strauss honored
by Emma J. Lehman ’17
by Gina Marie Storch ’17

Vasant A. Sukhatme honored
by Francesco Nutricato ’17

Satoko Suzuki honored
by Errol A. Phalo ’17

Yue-Him Tam honored
by Yezi Yang ’16

Andrea K. Tange honored
by Zane W. Vorhes-Gripp ’17

Karin Trail-Johnson honored
by Ngan T. Nguyen ’17

David Warch honored
by Teresa A. Fishel

Eric P. Wiertelak honored
by Trey T. Johnson ’17

Warren Williams honored
by Peace Madimutsa ’17

Leah S. Witus honored
by Xinyu Liu ’17

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In Honor of Others

2017 Senior Geography majors honored
by Laura Jean Smith ’94

Andrew F. Ver Steegh ’09 honored
by Karin N. Stevens ’17

Arlin J. Buyert ’64 honored
by Ryan A. Dugan ’17

Bruce N. Wolf honored
by Olivia Z. Wolf ’17

The Cafe Mac Jukebox honored
by Jesse L. Kling ’17

Charles W. McClung ‘12 honored
by Richard A. Schmikler ‘17

The Class of 2017 honored
by Ted Bebi ’17
by Yacine Diouf ’17
by Andrew-Kemal F. Kirchmeier ’17
by Elizabeth Jansen
by Charles T. Spurr ’17

Educational Studies Graduates honored
by Ruthanne Kurth-Schai

Entrepreneurship at Mac honored
by Elias N. Lilleskov ’17

International Student Programs honored
by Yezi Yang ’16

Jess Mendes ’18 honored
by Kava Vasquez ’17

Karl A. Egge honored
by Paul J. Aslanian

Laurie Wolf honored
by Olivia Z. Wolf ’17

Lavery Poli Sci Cap at the Tap honored
by Lesley E. Lavery

The Mac Weekly honored
by Allison J. Korbey ’17

Mary Kay Briggs honored
by Benjamin P. Wasik ’17

MSCS Department honored
by Andre Archer
by Yezi Yang ’16

The Physics Lounge honored
by Kathleen M. Fitzgibbon ’17

Rosemary Kellen Boyle honored
by Connor K. Boyle ’17

Senior Class of the Macalester Football Team honored
by Krista Lee

Shelby Davis/The Davis Scholarship honored
by Mugdha S. Shidhaye ’17

Steve Colee honored
by Ibrahima Dieye ’17

Students in my Animal Behavior & Ecology class honored
by Mark A. Davis

Tobi and Michael Marcus honored
by Joshua W. Marcus ’17

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Donors Without Specific Honorees

Samantha J. Aamot ’17

Margaret L. Abeles ’17

Laura M. Abril ’17

Jhader Aguad ’17

Isabela R. Alesna ’17

Alysha C. Alloway ’17

Myles J. Ambrose ’17

Arabella Andujar ’17

Romie Angelich

Juliana M. Arenas ’17

Rachel S. Auerbach ’17

Elena Baker ’17

Isabelle L. Ballet ’17

Pradyut Bansal ’17

Mackenzie E. Bell ’17

Maja S. Bendtsen ’17

Meredith V. Bensen ’17

Trevor H. Berberick ’17

Ruth N. Berman ’17

Joseph E. Bermas-Dawes ’17

Peter Bertel ’17

Ava K. Bindas ’17

Amy R. Bird

Jordan O. Black-Mathews ’17

Patrick M. Blomgren ’17

Luc Bokor-Smith ’17

Hannah K. Bonestroo ’17

Heather G. Bourne ’17

Andrew D. Boyer ’17

Jordan S. Breslau ’17

Emily G. Brinkman ’17

Austin A. Burrows ’17

Jon E. Burseth ’67

Emma R. Burt ’17

Nicole A. Caicedo ’17

Valerie Cardozo ’17

Ethan B. Carpenter ’17

Colin S. Casey ’17

Colin S. Casey ’17

Chaturapat Chaowalit ’17

Kaila M. Chapman ’17

Willa B. Childress ’17

Caroline Chinhuru ’17

Alyssa R. Christian ’17

Wendy Chu ’17

Catherine L. Chun ’82

Joshua Y. Conlan ’17

Aidan E. Cowan ’17

Rachel L. Crane ’17

Emily A. Crnkovich ’17

Alexander S. Dash ’17

Esha Datta ’17

Katherine G. Davis ’17

Megan M. Davitt ’17

Galit S. Deitel ’17

Kara E. Dennis ’12

Sarah J. DeVore ’17

Mary Warren P. Dickens ’17

Megan C. Dietly ’17

Liang Ding

Samuel K. Downs ’17

Clara M. Drew ’17

Clara M. Drew ’17

Ashley E. Dunn ’17

Caleb Easterly ’17

Jonathan L. Eber ’17

Alexander S. Edelmann ’17

Nicholas W. Egersdorf ’17

Garrett W. Eichhorn ’17

Patrick Eickman ’17

Mira W. Ensley-Field ’17

Samuel E. Erickson ’17

Nina C. Escriva Fernandez ’17

Julia L. Eshaghpour ’17

Tia R. Eskridge ’17

Stefan F. Faridani ’17

Amanda M. Feigin ’17

Melissa R. Feinman ’17

Henry Fender ’17

Lydia F. Fermanich ’17

Michael J. Ferut ’12

Hannah S. Field ’17

Gunnar J. Footh ’17

Kelsey M. Fox ’17

Dagmara K. Franczak ’17

Hannah Mira P. Friedland ’17

Emily E. Fule ’18

Eleanore M. Fuqua ’17

Zoe C. Geisen ’17

Georgia E. Gempler ’17

Sophia L. Gerdes ’17

Madeline D. Gerrard ’17

Alexander D. Gershberg ’17

Alfred Gest Jr.

Anneliese M. Gest ’17

Shay M. Gingras ’17

Yifan Gong ’17

Yifan Gong ’17

Sam C. Gonzalez ’13

Ian A. Goodbar ’17

James J. Goodin ’17

Frederick Goodson-Gregg ’17

Jennifer M. Grischuk ’17

Emily Gross ’17

Grace Guenthner ’17

Zachary J. Gullerud ’17

Drew P. Gumlia ’17

Nicholas Guo ’17

Aaron T. Haefner ’17

Brett A. Hahn ’17

Deidre Y. Hall ’17

Deidre Y. Hall ’17

Elizabeth S. Hallgren ’17

Benjamin W. Haltmaier ’17

Mara C. Halvorson ’17

Vimuolea Hang ’17

James L. Hargens ’17

Kalina A. Harizanov ’17

Kelsey Harmatta ’17

Obiele L. Harper ’17

Ryan J. Harris ’17

Glen J. Hartford ’17

Patrick A. Hegdahl ’17

Alyssa C. Heitfeld ’17

Aidan F. Hennen ’17

Lucas T. Herschbach ’17

Henry G. Hietala ’17

Christina E. Hildebrandt

Brandon D. Hinrichs ’17

Rae D. Hohle ’17

Kevin C. Hollidge ’17

Jana R. Hong ’17

Jisoo Hong ’12

Thet W. Htut ’17

Benjamin D. Huber ’17

Aaron J. Hymoff ’17

Muath Ibaid ’17

Raine M. Ikagawa ’17

Kareem Ismail ’17

Madeleine H. Jaffe ’17

Alexander C. Jenson ’17

Eben C. Johnson ’17

Emily R. Johnson ’17

Grady K. Johnson ’17

Hope C. Johnson ’17

Marie S. Johnson ’17

Trevor M. Jones ’17

Taylor C. Joseph ’17

Kathryn R. Jurenka ’17

Penelope Kahn ’17

Elizabeth R. Kelleher ’17

Henry S. Kellison ’17

Dylan N. Kilgour ’17

Bo-Sung J. Kim ’17

Atticus K. Kleen ’17

Sarah L. Klein ’17

Kara Komoto ’17

Natalie T. Kronebusch ’17

Rachel C. Ladd ’17

Eliana H. Langer ’17

Eva Marie V. Larsen ’17

Steven R. Larson ’13

Shaun Lavery

Sean B. Lawrence ’17

Catriona E. Leckie ’17

Elizabeth I. Levi ’17

Douglas H. Lewis, III ’17

Qisheng Li ’17

Marcio Fernandes Lima Porto ’17

Daniel J. Lindholm ’17

Bryan J. Linn ’17

Kira X. Liu ’17

Ming Liu ’17

Tianyi Liu ’17

Ian C. Lock ’17

Claire I. Looney ’17

Gozong Lor ’17

Sara E. Ludewig ’17

Victoria P. MacKinnon ’17

Vaishnavi Madhavan ’17

Shannon F. Mahedy ’17

Nicole S. Manu ’17

Jocelyn F. Martin ’17

Stephanie D. Martinez ’17

Park Masterson ’17

Benjamin S. Mathers ’17

Jacob V. Mayer ’17

Lauren L. Mayer ’17

Anne C. McEvoy ’17

Allyson M. Milenkovic ’17

Michaela W. McGonigle ’17

Cydni J. McMillian ’17

Jacob G. Meltzer ’17

Aramis Mendez ’17

Kimber A. Meyer ’17

Max T. Meyerhoff ’17

Nicholas J. Michalesko ’17

Isidore D. Miller ’17

Mahala G. Miller ’17

Pia C. Mingkwan ’17

Breanna Mochida ’17

John R. Mohoang ’17

Christina N. Moore ’17

Dorothy L. Moore ’17

Gordon H. Moore ’17

Alan R. Morales Blanco ’17

Sager T. Moritzky ’17

Nicola L. Morrow ’17

Margaret R. Mulligan ’17

Juliette P. Myers ’17

Rachel L. Naasz ’17

Zoe G. Nardone ’17

Logan M. Natvig ’17

Monica N. Ngo ’17

Amy H. Nguyen ’17

Noah M. Nieting ’17

Claire E. Norman ’17

Connor Q. North ’17

Brendan J. O’Connor ’17

Madeline C. Olson ’17

Caitlyn M. O’Neil ’17

Joan M. Ostrove

Harvey A. Ottinger ’17

Sierra L. Pancoast ’17

Austin J. Parsons ’17

Jeffrey T. Perala-Dewey ’17

Ruth Percival ‘17

Anna K. Petersen ’17

Mitchell J. Peterson ’17

Allison K. Pillar ’17

Gabriela Y. Poole ’17

Doroteja Postonjski ’17

Natalie R. Prescott ’17

Jamie R. Progebin ’17

Jiayin Qu ’17

Nathan B. Rackstraw ’17

Abigail M. Raisz ’17

Amy C. Rapp ’17

Karen E. Rathjens ’17

Ned Read ’17

Forest Redlin ’17

Anik Regan ’17

Yi Ren ’17

Kate S. Rhodes ’17

Beenish C. Riaz ’17

Gabrielle B. Rivera ’17

Everest P. Robinson ’17

Kristen H. Rockwell ’17

Emily C. Roebuck ’17

Kyle C. Ronchetto ’17

Emily K. Royer ’17

Meg C. Royer ’17

Suzanne M. Rubinstein ’17

Kaan Salcin ’17

Blanca Sanchez Rangil ’17

Maxwell Q. Sandstrom ’17

Lena B. Schaller ’17

Eugene Jacob S. Schoenborn ’17

Audrey Seligman ’17

Meredith R. Severtson ’17

Stephanie M. Shimota ’17

Quinton O. Singer ’17

Isabella M. Soparkar ’17

David M. Soro ’17

Molly Stark-Ragsdale ’17

Samantha R. Stein ’17

Olivia R. Stern ’17

Madeline L. Stevens ’17

Meghan D. Storlie ’17

Merrit C. Stueven ’17

Leyla A. Suleiman ’17

Yifei Sun ’17

Sierra K. Swenson ’17

Joseph B. Tabet ’17

Wei Fen Rachel Tan ’17

Eloise C. Terry ’17

Kayla C. Thole ’17

Olivia F. Thorp ’17

Brenna M. Tierney ’17

Jessica A. Timerman ’17

Ted R. Toegel ’17

Tristan K. Truttmann ’17

Katherine K. Tsuji ’17

Connor A. Valenti ’17

Marta B. Vegdahl-Crowell ’17

Caroline M. Vellenga-Buban ’17

Connor H. Vinson ’17

Cecelia Visscher ’17

Sunakshi Wadhwa ’17

Delia R. Walker-Jones ’17

Ru Meng (Dan) Wang ’17

Cole W. Ware ’17

Elizabeth A. Warren ’17

Alexander J. Watson ’17

Elle M. Weeks ’17

David A. Weiss ’17

Elliot M. Weiss ’17

Henry Q. Whitehead ’17

Jordyn R. Whitman ’17

Hannah M. Whitney ’17

Sophia A. Wiedmann ’17

Zachary L. Willert ’17

Lucius K. Wilmerding ‘17

Rachel C. Wilson ’17

Erin N. Wiseman ’17

Lucy Woychuk-Mlinac ’17

Nuoya (Nora) Wu ’17

Nathaniel A. Yackel ’17

Crystal Y. Yam ’17

Nikita A. Yatchenko ’17

Chunyu Yi ’17

Zun Yin ’17

Talia R. Young ’17

Tayeb A. Zaidi ’17

Samuel E. Zieve ’17

Welile G. Zwane ’17

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