Kate Abbott
Assistant Vice President of Campaign Operations - Development

Jeffrey Allen
Director of Admissions

Karla Benson Rutten
Title IX Coordinator and Director of Equity

DeMethra LaSha Bradley
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

D. Andrew Brown
Vice President for Advancement

Kim Chandler
Director of Athletics

Mindy Deardurff
Dean of Career Development

Polly Fassinger
Director of Institutional Reporting

Teresa Fishel
Library Director

Robert Graf
Director of Employment Services

Derrick Griffin
Director of Alternative Investments

Lynn Hertz
Assistant Provost

Katie Ladas
Executive Director of Alumni Engagement

Patricia Langer
Assistant Vice President for Finance

Donna A. Lee
Vice President for Student Affairs

Nathan Lief
Director of Facilities Services

Brian Lindeman
Director of Financial Aid

Christopher MacDonald-Dennis
Dean of Multicultural Life

Nancy Mackenzie
Assistant Dean of Admissions

Gary Martin
Chief Investment Officer

Ann Minnick
Director of Academic Programs

Karine Moe
Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Isabel Nelson
Staff Advisory Council Co-Chair

Jayne Niemi

Paul Overvoorde
Interim Dean of the Institute for Global Citizenship
Associate Dean of Faculty

Lorne Robinson
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Brian Rosenberg

Jerry Sanders
Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services

Suzanne Savanick Hansen
Sustainability Manager

Rebecca Schubring
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives-Development

Deanna Seppanen
Director of High Winds Fund

Christine Solso
Assistant Vice President for Development

Kelly Stone
Associate Dean for Religious and Spiritual Life and Chaplain of the College

David Warch
Assistant Vice President for Communications and Public Relations

David Wheaton
Vice President for Administration and Finance


Rev. January 3, 2017