The Student Employment Advisory Committee (SEAC) serves as a liaison between the Macalester community and Employment Services, Financial Aid, and Student Employment. SEAC addresses the concerns of faculty, staff and students with regard to student employment and of those who supervise student employees. The committee also serves the Student Employment Office in an advisory capacity in determining the current and future direction of student employment at Macalester College.

SEAC meets monthly and is comprised of campus-wide representatives. Members agree to serve a consecutive three-year term. It is each representative’s responsibility to maintain contact with the sector he/she represents. Any issues or concerns should be brought to the committee’s attention through the sector representative.

2016-2017 SEAC Representatives

  • Amelia Nielsen, Chair, Annual Fund (2nd yr) – large
  • Jacki Betsworth, Library (1st yr) – medium
  • Suzanne Burr, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (3rd yr) – medium
  • Aaron Colhapp, International Student Programs (1st yr) – medium
  • Indra Halvorsone, International Center (1st yr) – small
  • Adam Johnson, Institutional Research (1st yr) – small
  • Denise Tyburski, Tech Services, Library (3rd yr) – large
  • Amanda Walwood, Donor Relations (2nd yr) – small
  • TBD, Student Representative
  • TBD, Student Representative
  • TBD, Student Representative
  • Nachelle Kaughman, Employment Sevices, ex-officio
  • Bob Graf, Employment Services, Advisory Member
  • Jenae Schmidt, Financial Aid, Advisory Member