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COVID-19 Bivalent Boosters for Students

Greetings and Happy Fall Semester,

Our semester is successfully underway and we are delighted that we are together in community while learning to live with COVID-19. The Infectious Disease Task Force (IDTF) continues to meet weekly to discuss responses to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. We’re excited that Emma Kopplin ‘24 and Annie Fromson-Ho ‘23 have joined the IDTF as student representatives.

During the first month of being on campus, the number of students self-reporting being COVID-19 positive has been relatively low.  If you test positive, please self-report by filling out the Student, Staff and Faculty Reporting Form – it helps us accurately track numbers as well as provides you with further resources. The CDC and Ramsey County also continue to monitor community transmission, and updates can be found here

COVID-19 Booster and Flu Vaccine Requirements

  • According to the CDC,” …you are protected best from COVID-19 when you stay up to date with the recommended vaccines, including recommended boosters.” Students will be required to receive a bivalent COVID-19 booster (or an exemption: Medical/Non-medical Exemption Form) before January 19, 2023.  This timeline allows students to get their booster anytime during fall semester that works with the timing of your previous COVID-19 vaccinations or recent infection. 
  • Students will also be required to receive a flu vaccine, or an exemption, before January 19th, 2023. See below for more information about where to obtain flu vaccine.

On-campus COVID-19 Booster Shot Clinic

The Hamre Center will offer an on-campus student COVID-19 booster clinic, with Moderna vaccine, on Monday, October 10th. 

  • Please note you must be 18 or over to receive Moderna and you must have completed your primary series at least two months prior to October 10th. Students should bring their vaccine card to Hamre center. Before signing up for this booster clinic please review the interactive tool, including information specific to people who received their primary series outside of the US to make sure you are eligible, on this CDC page
  • Appointments are available at Hamre center bi-valent booster clinic
  • The COVID-19 booster is free. 
  • If there is more demand for on-campus boosters than the Oct. 10 event can accommodate, future Hamre booster clinics may be scheduled. 
  • If you have already gotten the booster shot, please upload to your student portal.

Off-campus Resources for COVID-19 Booster and Flu Shots

  • If you’d rather get your booster at a different time/location this fall, free boosters are currently available through local pharmacies as well as Minnesota Department of Health sites, including Mall of America.  Find a booster shot location at this link
  • Flu Shots are free with most health insurances through local pharmacies, find your nearest CVS and make an appointment. Make an appointment with St. Paul Corner Drug online or call (651) 696-8859. The Good Clinic on the corner of Snelling and Saint Claire has same and next day appointments. Utilize the Minnesota Department of Health Vaccination Clinic Map to find a clinic that provides free or low cost Flu shots for uninsured and underinsured adults.  The Hamre Center also offers flu shots. 
  • Please upload your flu shot information to your student portal.

Moving forward, we will shift to the pre-pandemic practice of not including parents and families on messages sent to students, so we encourage you to be in communication with your loved ones. Additionally, the college will continue to post updates on the COVID-19 webpage and to maintain the COVID-19 FAQ page.  As always, we are so appreciative of your thoughtfulness throughout the pandemic– protecting the vulnerable in our communities, practicing everyday consent with masking and other protective behaviors, and your adaptability as contexts change.  

We look forward to continuing to navigate the fall semester together. 

Jen Jacobsen, MA MPH  Executive Director of the Hamre Center for Health & Wellness
Steph Walters, MD MPH Medical Director of the Hamre Center for Health and Wellness
Co-Chairs of the Infectious Disease Task Force

Published: October 3, 2022