Dear Macalester Students, Staff, and Faculty:

After much consideration about how to minimize COVID-19 transmission risk next fall, we have decided to require, with limited exceptions, all students and employees who will work or study on campus to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by August 2, 2021.

Our decision to require vaccination is based on three principles:

  • that the health and safety of our community is our top priority,

  • that science informs and guides our public health strategies, and

  • that the wellbeing of our campus community should not be put at risk by personal preferences.

Put simply, our students and employees deserve to live and work in an environment where public health measures help keep us all safer.

I recognize that, at the moment, it might be challenging to schedule a vaccination, but every indication is that access will increase as vaccine supplies become more available. One way we are trying to make things easier is by providing space on campus for a HyVee pharmacy vaccine clinic next week on April 29 and 30 for students and employees. There are still spots available. Please see yesterday’s email message from Professor Paul Overvoorde that contains the registration link to sign-up for an appointment.

Students may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement using the same process as for other compulsory immunizations. Documentation of student vaccination (or exemption) will be required by August 2, 2021 using the steps described on the Hamre Center website. For students who are unable to acquire a COVID-19 vaccine in their home state or country, the Hamre Center staff will provide a vaccination upon your arrival in Saint Paul.

Employees will be asked to affirm their vaccination status by August 2, 2021. The process for  providing information about the date(s) and type of vaccine received will be shared in the coming weeks. As with students, staff and faculty may request an exemption by contacting Employment Services for accommodation.

Questions about our approach to public health should be directed to


Dr. Suzanne M. Rivera


Published: 4/23/2021