Dear Students,

Last fall students provided information in response to a survey about their plans to take courses in Module 5. We used that feedback to develop the Module 5 course schedule. Below is an update regarding other key Module 5 elements:

  • Module 5 courses will take place between Wednesday, May 19 and Saturday, July 10.

  • Courses will be offered in both fully remote and hybrid modes, and intended mode of delivery is indicated on the course schedule.

  • Module 5 courses include a subset of courses we typically offer and some new offerings. In response to survey feedback, the Module 5 course offerings will allow students to progress toward graduation by completing general education, distribution, and language requirements, while also helping students to earn overall credits toward graduation. And, also as requested by students, there will be classes that foster learning for the sake of exploration and discovery. As noted previously, most, but not all, departments will offer courses in Module 5.

  • Next steps: To register for courses in Module 5, students will be sent a pre-registration survey on February 2 that they must complete by February 12. This survey will ask students whether they intend to take Module 5 courses and their plans for internships, summer research, and summer housing. Students will be issued a registration PIN on the basis of completing this survey. PINs will be sent to advisors, as usual. Registration will take place March 2-8. This survey provides one more opportunity to gauge student demand for courses and available spots in courses and allow us to make any necessary adjustments. Your feedback on housing and where you plan to live also helps us to plan for other aspects of co-curricular life during Module 5.

  • Students are eligible to enroll in up to two Module 5 courses (or up to 8 credits) in 2021 at no additional tuition cost on the following basis: For each semester that a student is enrolled in, and has paid for (via direct payments or financial aid), 12 or more credits (i.e. full-time status), the student is eligible for one tuition-free course in Module 5 in 2021. In addition, there are a handful of students who were not full-time, but who have taken 16 or more credits across both semesters; those students will be eligible for one tuition-free course in Module 5.

  • Bear in mind that students who receive a Macalester-funded full-time summer experience (a full-time internship, Collaborative Summer Research Grant, or other full-time grant-funded opportunity) may need to choose between taking two Module 5 courses and that paid opportunity, as some of these programs are full-time commitments. They should consult the specific program organizer regarding eligibility and time commitments.

  • Module 5 tuition waiver eligibility will be determined by the Registrar, in consultation with Academic Programs & Advising.

  • Students who were on a leave of absence in AY20-21 and who do not receive a tuition waiver are eligible for the same percentage of institutional financial aid for Module 5 courses as they typically would be. Students will work directly with the Financial Aid office to address their specific financial aid eligibility.

  • Standard room and board charges (equivalent to one module, $3,271) will apply to students living on campus in Module 5. Students with particular financial needs will work directly with the Financial Aid office to address them. The room will be a traditional residence hall room (e.g. Dupre or Doty). Most of our residence halls do not have air conditioning. A meal plan is required as part of the housing and dining program. Students will apply to live in housing through a separate process; however, an application does not guarantee a place in student housing. Move-in is scheduled for May 18; Move-out is scheduled for July 13, 2021.

  • We appreciate that there remain a lot of uncertainties as students make plans for summer, and that summer internships, research, and jobs will compete for students’ time in summer. For anyone who does not complete the pre-registration process, we will continue to offer the possibility of taking Module 5 courses on a space-available basis.

Module 5 is a pilot initiative to address some pandemic-related challenges for students and for faculty. Some of the approaches we use in Module 5 may inform what we do during the summer in future, but, as a pilot initiative, Module 5 in 2021 will not be considered precedent-setting.

Please watch for and complete the Pre-registration survey that you will receive on February 2.


Karine Moe
Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Published: 01/29/2021