Effective September 13, 2021

  • Fully vaccinated individuals: We expect everyone to wear a well-fitted mask when in public indoor spaces regardless of vaccination status per CDC and MDH recommendations.
  • Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated (i.e. one dose of two-dose regimen, or less than two weeks after the final dose) individuals: Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a well-fitting mask when indoors or if outdoors and unable to maintain the 6-foot physical distance requirement. 

The following are limited modifications when masks can be removed:

    • While eating or drinking in a designated dining area, but maintaining 6-feet of physical distance
    • Indoors when alone, in an enclosed private office with the door closed, in an assigned residence hall room/suite or apartment, or for personal hygiene purposes.

Adherence to the policy cited above is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, and students. Vendors and visitors must also comply with this policy while on Macalester College campus property.