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Curricular Renewal Working Group Reports

EPAG wishes to thank the following faculty, staff, and students for the time, expertise, and creativity they provided as members of Curricular Renewal Working Groups during the summer of 2005.  Our thanks also to the many individuals who shared their insights as consultants.

David Blaney
David Bressoud
Kendrick Brown
Beth Cleary (Facilitator)
Susan Fox
Ellen Guyer
James Heyman
Leola Johnson
Daniel Kaplan
Maggie Kinkead
Kiarina Kordela   

Gary Krueger
Ruthanne Kurth-Schai
Jayne Niemi
Joan Ostrove
Khaldoun Samman
Linda Schulte-Sasse
Beth Severy-Hoven
Laura Stewart
Peter Weisensel
Karl Wirth

Reports providing depth and detail for each new graduation requirement approved by the faculty last spring are linked below.   Also included is a report offered to support continuing development and deliberation regarding courses emphasizing Macalester's urban location and/or opportunities for civic engagement.

Links to Working Group Reports

Writing Requirement (MSWord format) (PDF format)

U.S. Multiculturalism and Internationalism Requirements (MSWord format) (PDF format)

Quantitative Thinking Requirement (MSWord format) (PDF format)

First Year Course Requirement (MSWord format) (PDF format)

Senior Capstone Requirement (MSWord format) (PDF format)

Urban Experience/Civic Engagement Designations (MSWord format) (PDF format)


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