The Data Stewards Committee consists of five Banner Data Stewards who are responsible for overseeing the data that resides Banner, the college’s Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Banner Data Stewards

  • Banner Finance: Amy Holter, Business Services
  • Banner Student: Addy Free, Registrar
  • Banner Financial Aid: Abraham Noel, Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Banner Human Resources: Narrah Kansas Palmquist, Employment Services
  • Banner General: Kate Moss, Information Technology Services

Committee Responsibilities

  • Maintaining a working knowledge of each module
    • Banner upgrade schedule
    • Functional capabilities
    • How data is used and organized
    • 3rd party applications used to query or alter data within each module
  • Managing upgrade-related testing
  • Training functional users
  • Analyzing data access needs relevant to certain populations
  • Assigning and maintain end-user security access
  • Creating, organizing and granting access to reports using Banner data
  • Acting as first points of contact for Banner-related technical questions from administrative departments
  • Escalating technical issues to the ITS Enterprise group when necessary