Managing Digital Projects for Classroom, Publishing, and Web Access

This guide is intended for Macalester faculty, students, and staff engaged in producing digital and/or web-based projects. Access for such projects may be limited to campus or extended to the broadest possible audience without limits.  These projects often include use of various media (audio, video, images, documents, datasets, etc.) that may contain original works as well as the work of others.

These recommended best practices provide guidance in addressing issues related to copyright, fair use, intellectual property, and author rights.  When designing assignments that require the development of digital projects for access beyond the physical or virtual classroom, it is highly recommended that faculty consult with AIAs and library liaisons and consider an instruction session for students to help them in utilizing materials that may be freely available, but remain protected by copyright.   These guidelines do not address every possible scenario related to copyright issues.  For further assistance, please contact your contact your AIA or liaison librarian.