Acknowledging your work as well as the work of others

Rule number one is to be consistent.  Rule number two is to always request permission to use an image if it is not your original work.  For the site or project, choose a format for providing information about resources used and stick to it throughout the project.  Depending on the project, you may be incorporating the use of images.  General good practice is to provide information with the image to help the user know the origin and owner of the image.  Include:

  • Title of image
  • Creator/Artist
  • Date
  • Copyright information – protected ©, Creative Commons or other
  • If permission to use is by owner, museum, publisher, etc. include
  • Always include an ALT Tag when your project is web-based
  • Information about the photo
  • If photo is from the web, include original URL and date last visited

One resource that can assist in using images is the Digital Image Rights Computator. This site takes one through a series of questions related to copyright and use of images.

Images, Music and other media

Use of images can be particularly challenging because so many images appear to be freely available on the web.  The ease of copying images often leads to use of images that may be copyright protected.  In working with images collected from the web, if you don’t know where the original came from, there are some options for you to consider.

  • Google Image Search – you can upload an image and Google will provide a variety of images that match the image you loaded

Google Images

Sources for copyright free images 

Each project would still need to acknowledge and provide attribution if required