Sample Online Tools

The tools listed below are just a few examples of the many tools are being explored for use in Digital Scholarship at Macalester or elsewhere. The tools are listed for information purposes, and technical support for these technologies varies. Each project needs a different mix of solutions and the tools available keep evolving, so please contact your AIA or the library's Digital Publishing Unit to learn more about additional resources that can advance your digital scholarship project.

  • Omeka
    Open source exhibition platform "designed for scholars, museums, libraries, archives, and enthusiasts."

  • Scalar
    A content management system for digital scholarship and the digital humanities.

  • Neatline
    A geotemporal exhibit-builder that allows users to create maps and narrative sequences from collections of archives and artifacts.

  • Text Encoding Initiative
    TEI is an independent membership consortium that provides guidelines that specify encoding methods for machine-readable texts.

  • WordPress
    An open source blogging tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.