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Release of Information

We recognize your right to determine who receives disability-related information and your right to confidentiality of this information.

Disclosure to appropriate faculty and staff of your status as a student registered student with Disability Services may be necessary to coordinate and administer requested accommodations. The degree of information that is required by university constituents regarding a student’s disability is directly related to the nature of the accommodations and services required.

In certain situations, disclosure of specific information about your condition(s) and how they affect you in a course or program may be required to fulfill accommodation requests or help a professor understand the connection between the disability and accommodation.  In these cases, students will give approval for this disclosure.

Cases where disability information may be disclosed:

  1. Your permission
  2. Emergency
  3. Those within Macalester with legitimate educational interest. 

Records are confidentially shredded/in-activated in AIM four years after a student’s matriculation or permanently withdrawn from Macalester. 

As per FERPA, in order to speak with third parties (family members, partners, outside agencies)  regarding specifics of a student including disability status, requires release of information does need to be on file with Disability Services.