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Note-Taking Services

Note-taking accommodations are approved by Disability Services for students who are functionally limited in the ability to take a thorough recounting of  lectures and access can’t be met in other ways. Eligibility for technology-based or peer note-taking is determined based on documentation, the intake process and functional limitations of the student. Generally, regular and consistent class attendance is still expected and notes are intended to be supplemental in nature, not a replacement of full course content. 

In some cases, a note taker may not be appropriate (e.g. courses that require review of notes as part of assessment).  In these cases, students should inform Disability Services early in the semester to determine alternatives. 

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Evaluate the course and if adjacent notes are required for access.  
  • Complete the Note-taking Form each and every semester, preferably prior to the module or within the first week of class:  Note-taking Form 
  • Notify DS as soon as possible if you drop a class for which you requested a note-taker, or if you decide you no longer require a note-taker.  
  • Please follow up with Disability Services if there are any concerns 
  • Regularly attend class.  If class attendance is a significant issue, students will work with Disability Services and faculty on options for supplemental notes. 

Disability Services Responsibilities

  • Approve eligibility for note-takers based on student’s disability and functional limitations.  
  • Recruit note-takers,  communicate with all parties on how notes will be coordinated.  
  • Provide information to note-takers on how to provide notes to the student in a timely way. 
  • Work with students to resolve any problems with note-taking services in a timely way.