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Requesting Course Accommodations in AIM

If you are a student registered with  Disability Services and have completed an intake, you can request accommodations for courses by scheduling a meeting or logging in to your AIM system profile. Early communication is critical to successfully implementing accommodation requests and coordinating services.  Students need to request accommodations for each class during for each semester. Disability Service does not automatically provide this information to faculty. 

Steps to Request Accommodations via AIM

  1. Evaluate the course. Students should review their course syllabi prior to requesting accommodations and determine if accommodations are needed and what the general policies and expectations are of the course.  Faculty  have already considered 
  2. Request time-sensitive accommodations early. For example, Note-taking and books in an alternative text take time to arrange.  
  3. Request class accommodations through the AIM system 

Accessible Information Management (AIM) Login

  • Login to the AIM system with 1600 Grand credentials.
  • Select any courses that require accommodations.
  • Select/check approved accommodations for each course.
  • Select/check “email to faculty” for each course.
  • Hit “submit.” Please allow 48 hours to process. 
  • You should receive a copy of your accommodation form via your Macalester email. If you do not receive this within a week, please contact us. 


4.  Meet with DS staff to review accommodations or discuss your plans for a successful semester.  We are happy to find a time to meet! 

Some accommodations such as extensions of time on assignments or additional absence considerations may require meeting with Disability Services and/or faculty to determine the scope of these accommodations in courses.  Faculty determine what reasonable extensions mean for their courses. 

4. Meet with your instructor! 

Request a time to go through accommodations with them to ensure timely implementation.   

If you have any concerns about accommodations, Disability Services can assist in collaborating effectively with faculty on your accommodations and how they fit into a course.