Aspects of Documentation

Statement of Disability

The written assessment must contain a clear diagnostic statement that ADD/ADHD is present. The diagnostic report should include specific recommendations for accommodations as well as an explanation as to why each accommodation is recommended.

Diagnostic Report

The decision to provide services will be determined from a written diagnostic report based upon the following guidelines.

  • History of early impairment Because ADD/ADHD is, by definition, first exhibited in childhood, historical and academic information must be gathered and presented by the evaluator.
  • Evidence of current impairment
    Statement of Presenting Problem: A history of the individual’s presenting attentional symptoms should include evidence of ongoing impulsive/hyperactive or inattentive behaviors that significantly impair functioning.
    Diagnostic Interview: Information collected should consist of more than a self-report, as information from third party sources is critical in diagnosis. Sources may include, but are not limited to; family history, developmental history, medical history, psycho-social history, academic history, prior psycho-educational reports, and description of current functional limitations pertaining to an educational setting.
  • Relevant testing information used to supplement diagnostic profile
  • Diagnostic reports Diagnostic reports should include a review and discussion of DSM-IV criteria for ADD/ADHD both currently and retrospectively and specify which symptoms are present.
  • Interpretative summary based on comprehensive evaluative process Demonstration that alternative explanations have been ruled out; Indication of patterns of inattentiveness/impulsivity/hyperactivity across life span and settings used to determine presence of ADD/ADHD; Indication and discussion of the substantial limitation to learning; Rationale as to why specific accommodations are needed.

Professional Evaluator

The assessment must be administered by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or ADD/ADHD specialist.

Date of Testing

The assessment must have been completed within the past five years and be updated if changes occur while the student is enrolled at Macalester in order to ensure the provision of appropriate services.


Requested documentation must be received in the Disability Services office, and a brief Intake Meeting (15 minutes or so) must be completed in order to receive accommodations during the semester. Please contact Disability Services (651-696-6874) as soon as possible to avoid a delay in securing services.

ADD/ADHD Assessment and Treatment