Macalester College is committed to developing and implementing procedures to assist students with disabilities during an emergency.  Students should create their own personal emergency plan based on their individual needs that addresses specific action before and during an evacuation.

General emergency evacuation plan

Pre-emergency Preparedness by the Student with a Disability

All students, faculty, and staff are automatically provided emergency and safety notifications through the RAVE system:

If you are a student with a disability and are concerned about your ability to safely evacuate in an emergency, you should:

  1. Discuss your concerns and options with Disability Services.  We can assist you in developing a plan to meet your needs in case of an emergency and include appropriate campus partners in that support.
  2. Bring to the attention of your faculty members, employers, coaches, and roommates the extent of the assistance you may need in case of an emergency. It is your responsibility to make your needs known.
  3. Become familiar with all emergency exits and evacuation routes in the buildings you frequent.
  4. Work with Disability Services on a personal emergency plan if you are unclear on how to manage an emergency evacuation.
  5. If you have difficulty speaking loudly, or have a voice/speech impairment, you should carry a whistle, or have other means of attracting attention from others.

Emergency Guidelines

  • Elevators should NOT be used in an evacuation unless instructed by emergency personnel.
  • School materials or any accessories should be left in the classroom/room in the event of an evacuation.  This may mean leaving a phone behind.
  • In the event of an evacuation, students who are unable to exit the building on their own accord should remain near the stairwell or the elevator. Emergency personnel will check the stairwells and elevator lobbies for those who are trapped.
  • Don’t be afraid to let others know when you need assistance.

Assisting Students with a Disability During an Emergency

The highest priority will be given to evacuating students with disabilities in all emergency situations. If an individual wants to help a person with a disability, always ask how you can help before giving assistance. The following guidelines should be used in assisting individuals with specific disabilities: