Accommodated Housing Requests

As part of its mission, Macalester believes that educational and personal growth happens not only in the classroom, but as a collaborative and community endeavor. Valuable psychosocial skills are learned through shared living including conflict resolution, adaptability, respect, and compromise. Therefore, the majority of student rooms are shared (non-singles) and students are required to live in Macalester-owned residences for the first two years to encourage cooperative living. 

Macalester also supports the accommodation needs of students with disabilities and has developed a process to manage this responsibility. Students do need to request accommodations by stated Residential Life/Housing request deadlines, which apply to all students.  Requests made outside of timelines will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Students should be aware the ADA does not mandate a specific or preferred accommodation, but ones that reduce the impact of disability. In making these determinations, Macalester engages in an interactive process.  We consider all alternatives or and may decline requests if they are deemed unreasonable or space is not available. 

Common Accommodated Housing Requests

Required Medical Singles:   There are a limited number of single rooms available for students with significant medical, psychological, psychiatric, mobility or other impairments that prohibit the student from living effectively with others. Priority will be given to those individuals who require a single housing arrangement as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Minnesota law. Students must provide sufficient, professional evidence to support this request. 

Recommended/Preferred Single: A student may not require a single housing configuration but may still be eligible for a single based on availability.  Occasionally, a staff member (Residential Life, Health Services, Student Affairs or Title IX Coordinator) may determine the need for a single for a limited time.  Students should be aware that these requests are determined on a case by case basis and do not guarantee a single housing configuration in the future. 

Temporary Medical Housing:  A student already living in Residential Life areas may need an accessible/medical room due to a temporary event such as significant illness or surgery.  Appropriate housing arrangements will be evaluated in these cases,  Macalester is unable (and not required) to provide nursing or personal attendant care; students should carefully consider options for their best recovery, including temporary leaves, during a significant medical event.

ADA Accessible Rooms:  Fully ADA compliant rooms are provided based on the specific needs of the individual. Students who are in need of accessible housing units should contact Disability Services early in the application process or as soon as the need is determined. Students who require air conditioning/thermal regulation or who cannot live in carpeted environments due to disability should also notify Disability Services early in the housing process. 

Housing  and Meal Plan Exemption:   Please to the section on Exemption requests:

 Emotional Support Animals (assistance animals):  Please contact Disability Services for the specific process and deadline requirements for assistance animals. 

Process for Requesting Housing/Residential Living Accommodations:

 1) Admission to Macalester 

2) Register for Accommodations through Disability Services (The AIM system)  

3) Complete: the General Housing Application AND  Housing Accommodation Request Form 

4) Obtain documentation from a care provider and submit to Disability Services by deadlines.

5) Complete this Residential and Housing Form.

6) Documentation/Accommodation review:   This information will remain confidential and reviewed by the Director of Disability Services.   If additional information or releases to discuss with other staff are required to make a determination, students will be notified and permission obtained. 

7) Placement Decisions:  Disability Services will share approved accommodations with Residential Life staff. Placement will be made in available spaces that meet accommodation requirements. Residential Life will notify students of their placement in August or in January for mid-year placements. 

Petition for Decision Review:

Students who disagree with the decision of housing accommodations have the right to petition decisions with the Office of Student Affairs.  Decisions made by OSA are final.