Steps for Student Accommodation Requests 

Current or incoming qualified and admitted students with disabilities may request accommodations for academic or other programs/services. Accommodations will be implemented after a student completes the intake process and provides appropriate documentation of disability.  All accommodations are determined on a case by case basis.   Please refer to the section on reasonable accommodations for more information.

New to Disability Services? 

1. Contact Disability Services to schedule an intake:

2. Complete a New Student form in our confidential database: 

Disability Services New Student Form  (Accessible Information Management/AIM): 

3.  Submit Documentation

The most thorough documentation from your care provider should include the following information:

(1) Diagnosis, and a description of the current impact of the condition, particularly as it relates to academics, housing or food service
(2) What major life activity (e.g., walking, seeing, hearing, breathing, self-care) does the condition substantially limit?
(3) Treatments, medications, devices or resources currently prescribed and their potential impact on the condition
(4) Recommended accommodations (and in what ways would the requested accommodation(s) mitigate the impact of the condition?)

Students who do not have documentation may have consideration for temporary accommodations on a limited basis.

Students will then be contacted by Disability Services staff to schedule an intake appointment.  Intake appointments take about a half hour and are essential to this process to explain roles, responsibilities, procedures, confidentiality and possible referral to other support services!

Already Registered with Disability Services?

Students with existing accommodation plans may request course accommodations here each semester.  Some accommodations may require a meeting with Disability Services staff.
Accessible Information Management (AIM) Login
  1. Login to the AIM system with 1600 Grand credentials.
  2. Select courses that require accommodations.
  3. Select/check approved accommodations for each course.
  4. Select/check “email to faculty ” for each course.
  5. Hit “submit”.    Please allow 48 hours to process.
  6. In some cases,  students may need to/prefer to meet with Disability Services for specific accommodation needs.

Students should check early in the semester with each faculty member to ensure that accommodation plans/Faculty Notification Letters are received. 

Residential Life Requests (Housing/Food Accommodations)

Questions? Concerns? 


  to set up a meeting with one of our staff members!