4.5 Neighborhood Relations

Macalester College is a residential urban campus. College housing facilities are located on campus yet near private homes within the neighborhood. It is expected that students will behave in a manner that reflects consideration for our neighbors. This includes but is not limited to monitoring noise levels while on campus and also, when walking through the neighborhood, disposing of litter appropriately and being conscious of private property.

It is recommended that students are aware of their rights and responsibilities as tenants. Whether the lease is an oral or written agreement, students should be aware of what is expected. A written lease is a legally binding document and it should be read carefully before signing. The Office of Student Affairs has information available for students who are curious about their rights and responsibilities off campus. If you believe your rights as a tenant have been impaired, you can receive information and advice from Homeline, a nonprofit Minnesota Tenant Advocacy Organization at www.homelinemn.org.

Students residing in dwellings off campus are expected to be aware of their responsibilities under local and state law. This includes city ordinances regarding quiet hours, noise, alcohol, and social host. St. Paul ordinance mandates quiet hours between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am, but noise should never be loud or objectionable at any time and can result in a fine. City ordinances also prohibit distribution of alcohol to individuals below the legal age of consumption. The Social Host ordinance makes individuals who provide a location for distribution of alcohol or problematic behavior liable to citation, arrest and prosecution. More information on St. Paul ordinances can be found at www.stpaul.gov.

The College reserves the right to become involved in disputes or grievances between students living off campus and neighbors. The College may become aware of disputes through complaints by neighbors, reports from St. Paul police, or reports from students. If the College becomes involved it is with the goal of providing resolution and maintaining a positive environment in the surrounding community. The Office of Student Affairs is the primary contact for any concerns regarding off campus/neighborhood matters.