5.2 Bicycles

(Students who reside on campus also see Residence Hall Policies for Facilities Use and Bicycles)

Bicycles left attached to bike racks fences during snow removal periods or over the summer when the residence halls are closed will be removed without notice to the owner. Bicycles cannot be left in stairwells, hallways, floor or formal lounges or kitchens in the Residence Halls. Bicycles should not be attached to handrails, trees, benches or other objects that interfere with building access; bikes attached to these items or left in these locations will be removed without notice at owner's expense and donated to an off campus groups. The Facilities Services or Security Office will not be responsible for replacing cut bike locks or bikes.

It is recommended that bicycles be properly locked up with a very strong lock. It is also recommended to record the serial numbers and take a picture of your bike should it be stolen. Students who are leaving campus for any period of time should locate safe storage space for their bicycle.

More information about bike regulations can be found at macalester.edu/security/vehicles