5.10 Copyright Films, Video Tapes, and Music

The U. S. Copyright Act (U.S.C. 17, 101 and 106) grants all rights of public exhibition of a copyrighted work to the owner of the copyright. Such rights of public exhibition include the right to show a film or videotape to a group, whether or not admission is charged. Congressional reports on copyright applications make clear that even "semi-public" exhibitions in residence halls, clubs and colleges are classified as public for copyright purposes. The College has determined that public or semi-public showing of videotapes, without written permission or license, is prohibited on campus. Contact Campus Activities and Operations staff or Media Services for additional information.

Organizations and individuals desiring to show videotapes or films must secure permission from the holder of the copyright. Generally, this means that videotapes or films must be rented from companies who hold the rights. Neighborhood video stores do not hold these rights. Even if a tape has been purchased and is owned by a member of the community, it may not be shown outside of the student's room.

The details of the policy can be found at www.macalester.edu/its/about/policies/digital-copyright-violations and www.macalester.edu/library/copyright.

Criminal penalty for willful violation of the Copyright Act is up to one year in jail and/or a $25,000 fine. Inadvertent or innocent violations may bring substantial civil penalties.