5.12 Social Networking/Social Media

From Campus Policies - Computer Use - Responsible Use Policy

Students accessing social networking/social media services such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and others should carefully read the terms and conditions set forth by such services. Students are solely responsible for the content of their sites. Neither ITS nor Macalester College assume any responsibility for what students place there. Inappropriate material placed on social networking sites is subject to Macalester College's Responsible Use policy, the Student Conduct Process and the College's Harassment and Grievance Procedures.

In addition to violation of College policy, the posting of inappropriate material may subject students to criminal and civil penalties. As referenced in the terms and conditions of these networking services, students should refrain from posting material that is deemed to be criminal; harassing; racially, sexually, ethnically or religiously objectionable; defamatory; obscene; invasive of another’s privacy; or infringing of copyright.