5.25 Identification

One student picture ID is issued to each registered Macalester student. A government issued photo ID is required to get an ID. Your student ID should be carried with you at all times while you are on campus. The ID and services afforded by it are meant for the named student only and cannot be transferred. Students must not modify their ID in any way (e.g., add stickers, add a hole punch, cut an edge off the card, write on the card, etc.). Students will be required to pay for a replacement ID if their card has been modified. Students should report a lost or stolen ID immediately to the Card Service Office (651-696-6104) or online via the Card Services website (www.macalester.edu/cardservices). Students are responsible for any charges incurred or access granted through misuse of their student ID if it hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen. If your ID card has been stolen, you will receive a free replacement ID if you can present a Police Report showing that you were a victim of theft. Students must show their ID immediately when asked by a faculty, staff or security officer. Failure to do so may be cause for disciplinary action. Misuse and/or tampering with a student ID may be cause for disciplinary action.