5.29 Movies/Video Presentations

See also Campus Policies - Copyright of Films, Videotapes and Music

Video Tapes and DVDs that are available for purchase or rented from retail establishments or libraries can only be viewed in your private living spaces, for specifically invited guests. Public viewing rights must be secured for any activity where a video, DVD or film is shown to the general public or as part of a large group program. One exception to these public performance fees exists for institutions of higher education, in the case of face-to face classroom instruction by a faculty member. The faculty member may show the film/movie within or outside of the normal class period to those students registered in the class. In order to invite others, the public viewing rights must be purchased. Failure to follow these federal regulations could result in prosecution from outside agencies. These regulations can be complex to determine. Please consult with a member of the Campus Activities and Operations staff prior to planning such an event.