5.34 Publicity/Posting

In the spirit of the mission of Macalester College, students and campus organizations are free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and express opinions publicly and privately. To promote this atmosphere of free expression, members of the community are obligated to take responsibility for that expression and to respect the expression of others. Individuals and/or groups will be held accountable for postings that are not respectful of Macalester College community standards.

General Posting Guidelines

The following general guidelines apply to postings, fliers, electronic mail announcements or messages, chalking and other forms of printed or written expression:

  • Members of the college community must include their name, organization name or department, and a phone number and/or email address on any public document, poster, or sign that they circulate or prepare for circulation. It is recommended to also include event time, date, location, and sponsor.
  • Members may only post fliers/posters on appropriate public posting bulletin board locations. Fliers/posters may not be put on windows, doors, bathroom stalls, sidewalks, trees, walls, etc. A list of public posting locations is available from Campus Activities and Operations.
  • To ensure equitable circulation opportunities, information will be placed on unused kiosk or bulletin board space or in place of outdated materials; efforts should be made to NOT cover other postings.
  • Only flyers for Macalester affiliated events may be posted within the Campus Center.
  • In addition to the above policies and procedures, all publications are subject to applicable Federal and Minnesota state laws.

Posting in Non-Residential Spaces

The Campus Center staff distributes postings to non-residential spaces on a weekly poster run. The poster run is a service provided by the Campus Center staff for on-campus groups publicizing on-campus events. The poster run is not for classified ads, off-campus events, or events sponsored by an off-campus individual or group.

To submit materials for the poster run, sponsoring individuals or groups should bring 18 copies of the desired posting to the Info Desk by Tuesday at 4:30 PM for posting on Wednesdays when class is in session. Poster runs do not occur during finals week or during break periods (i.e., J-term or spring break).

In an effort to reduce paper use, please keep flyers to a single standard sheet of letter-sized paper.

In the event that sponsoring individuals or groups do not distribute their materials via the poster run, they are expected to post materials only in locations provided for information dissemination. Note that materials posted in non-approved spaces are subject to removal.

There is one posting board for classified ads in the Campus Center Lower Level.

Posting in Residential Spaces

The Office of Residential Life has specific policies for posting flyers in their spaces.: Provide 35 copies to the main Campus Life/Campus Center desk (located on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center). This will cover all the Halls including the Cultural House. It does not include Language Houses or the Cottages.

  • Signs are typically 8 1/2x11 (in inches) but Office of Residential Life could allow space for 11x17 (in inches) if necessary. The Office of Residential Life will not take banners unless it is through a special request.
  • The Office of Residential Life will distribute flyers for Residential Life staff to pick-up twice per week. Signs are picked up on Tuesdays and Thursdays by noon and will be posted by 5 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays respectively.
  • Signs should only be posted by Residential Life staff members. Signs not pre-approved will be removed.


Chalking for campus events and activities is allowed on sidewalks only and not on building walls or other surfaces. Chalking is removed during periodic cleaning of the sidewalks. Chalking and posters will be removed from walls, benches, posts, and other surfaces. Because of the nature of the site, chalking is not allowed at the memorial garden around the flagpole and from the entrance to the Chapel.

Electronic Notification

Campus events can be posted to the campus online calendar at events.macalester.edu; click on submit an event. The Mac Daily is a daily email announcement of events and news about the Macalester community.

Mailbox Stuffing

Campus-wide mailings (through mailbox stuffing) are not permitted. Dissemination of information for the entire campus should be made through existing publications, bulletin boards, and copies to appropriate student organizations and departments. Exceptions will be made by the Post Office only upon receipt of a written authorization from the Office of Student Affairs.

Political/Campaign Signs

See Campus Policies – Political Activity


Space to hang banners must be reserved through Reservations (x6638 or www.ems.macalester.edu/). Banner size is 5' x 3' (length x width). Banner reservations are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any banners that are hung without a prior reservation will be promptly removed. Banners may be hung in the Campus Center for up to one week per event with a reservation. Only one banner will be hung per event.

Banner designs must be appropriate for display in the Campus Center (e.g., no profanity, obscene pictures). Completed banners must be dropped off at the Building Manager desk on the second flor of the Campus Center on the first day of your reservation. Building Managers will only accept dry banners. Supplies to make banners for campus events sponsored by recognized student organizations can be found in the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) located in the Campus Activities and Operations office.

Table Tents

Table tent space must be reserved through Reservations (651-696-6638 or www.ems.macalester.edu/). Provide 30 copies of your table tents to the Info Desk by Friday at 4:30 PM for Sunday distribution. Table tent reservations are for one week at a time. Table tents may be reserved for a maximum of one week per event.

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards must be reserved through Reservations (651-696-6638 or www.ems.macalester.edu/). Sandwich boards may only be reserved for a maximum of three days per event.