5.40 Solicitation

Chartered student organizations and/or departments may reserve space for passive solicitation in either the lower level foyer of the Campus Center or Bateman Plaza. Tables can be reserved in either of these spaces for no more than three consecutive days. Members of chartered student organizations or departments must be present during solicitation. All promotional/solicitation material left unattended will be discarded. Literature/Flyers/Posters cannot be placed on doors or under residence hall room doors by organizations or departments unless approved by Residential Life. The solicitation should be germane to the mission of the student organization and/or Macalester College.

Credit card solicitations are not permitted on campus.

Solicitations involving the sale or distribution of food must be approved by the general manager of Bon Appetit. Further, sale or any distribution of food must abide by Minnesota State law. Please refer to the fundraising policy for further information regarding solicitations involving donations or the sale of items.
(Also see Campus Policies – Publicity/Posting Policy and Residence Hall Policies - Solicitation)