5.44 Voicemail and Telephone Use

Public access telephones are available on each floor of each residence hall, college-owned house and apartment. Upon request, a phone (with or without voice mail) will be installed in your residence hall room at no charge. If you are interested in having a phone in your room, view the ITS telephone and voice mail site for more information and a request form.

It is a crime under both state and federal laws for anyone to make obscene and/or harassing telephone calls. These laws have penalties of imprisonment and/or fines and can result in College disciplinary action. If you receive harassing or obscene phone calls, report it to the residence hall staff immediately. If a message was left in your voicemail, do not delete the message; report it to the residence hall staff and Security Office immediately.

Use of the voicemail system for general solicitation and/or publicity is prohibited. The Dean of Students must approve all student notices sent by voicemail. Tampering with the voicemail system is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.