6.1 Appliances

The use of potentially hazardous electrical appliances is not allowed in student rooms. Hazardous appliances include:

  1. Any appliance not in good working condition
  2. Any appliance with an open flame or heating element such as hot plates, broiler ovens, toaster ovens, pizza ovens, toasters, etc. These appliances may be used only in designated kitchen areas on floor’s and the main building’s kitchens.
  3. Charcoal or gas grills, charcoal and charcoal lighter fluids may not be stored or used in any residence hall room or area.
  4. No major appliances are permitted in the halls including, but not limited to, large refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, ceiling fans, space heaters, etc.
  5. Air conditioners are not allowed in any college dwelling, except if installed by the college.
  6. Waterbeds or hot tubs are not permitted.
  7. Macalester College has committed to climate neutrality. We recommend students using appliances that are energy star rated. See information on Sustainability for more information at www.macalester.edu/sustainability.
  8. Rooms are not wired to permit the use of major electrical appliance. Major appliances, including microwaves, can also become a health concern if students do not keep them clean.

Students are permitted to bring their own refrigerator provided, the compact type which is less than 3.6 cubic feet in capacity as well as in safe electrical condition. All refrigerators should be connected directly to the wall outlet and not on an extension cord or power-strip. For proper ventilation and sanitation, refrigerators should be placed on the ground and not placed in a closet. Residents have the opportunity to rent a small refrigerator unit from a contracted vendor service who is on-campus during the early part of each semester.  Information is proved in housing information distributed over the summer. Students are responsible for returning rented refrigerators to the company, regardless of when they leave during the academic year. Only one refrigerator is allowed per three people in a room. We encourage students to plan ahead and speak with roommates before purchasing or renting a refrigerator.

College-owned houses (excluding cottages), apartments, the Veggie Co-op, and the Interfaith House in Kirk Section 8 are provided full-sized refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and stoves that are maintained by the college. Other appliances (hot plates, broiler ovens, toaster ovens, pizza ovens, toasters, etc.) are allowed in these space’s kitchens but not in individual student rooms.