6.4 College Property

Student may not paint or wallpaper room surfaces, remove carpet, remove College-owned furniture from rooms, add permanent fixtures, and/or make any structural changes in the room. The following guidelines are also in place to protect College property:

1. Materials that may create fire or health hazards and/or damage the facilities, such as dartboards, are not allowed. Students will be asked to remove any such materials. Decorative strands of lights are only allowed for the period immediately preceding the Christmas holiday, or other appropriate holidays where the hanging of such lights is a recognized tradition.
2. Screws, tacks, and nails are not to be used to attach any items to any surface.
3. Self-adhering cork boards or tile may not be used on any surface.
4. Students are not permitted to paint or wallpaper their rooms. Students who paint their rooms will be subject to the conduct system and may be charged to return the room to the original color.
5. Students are permitted to use tac putty (commonly known as Fun Tac) to hang pictures or posters provided they remove it when they check out of the room. Charges will be assessed for tape removal or any damaged done to walls because of tape or adhesive.
6. Double sided tape or carpet tape should not be used.
7. Objects may not be hung from sprinkler pipes.
8. Hanging or extending anything outside the windows is prohibited.
9. Internal cables may not be spliced and/or run to individual rooms.
10. Natural evergreen trees, boughs and wreaths are not permitted in the residence halls. Artificial decorations made of plastic or metal may be used. Seasonal lighting must be identified by an Underwriter's Laboratories label or listing (UL). Any perishable items used for decoration must be properly disposed of in a timely manner. Residents must remove all winter seasonal decorations before leaving for winter break.