6.5 Fire Safety

Arson, use of fire, and/or tampering with fire and/or safety equipment is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, alarmed emergency exits and fire doors. Hanging from or hanging anything on sprinkler heads or pipes is not permitted.

The burning of candles or incense is not permitted in any college owned residence. Students with religious observance needs not met by this policy should contact their Residence Hall Director. This includes students who identify as pagans who have a need to cleanse their residence hall space.

Knowingly pulling a fire alarm when no known fire exists is against federal law and a danger to the community. Creating situations that endanger the quick evacuation of a room or building (tampering with locks or obstructing an exit) is prohibited. Not evacuating a building during a fire alarm is against college policy. Staff is not responsible for evacuating residents. Students may be fined for not evacuating.

No natural vegetation of a combustible nature will be permitted. Christmas trees and evergreen boughs are examples.

Students are not permitted to use halogen lights or lamps in any College owned residence.

Each room is equipped with a smoke detector. It is not to be disconnected at any time for any reason. Students found tampering with smoke detectors will referred to the conduct system. Residents should notify the hall staff immediately if a smoke detector is not working properly. Student should check test their detector once a month.

Any resident who tampers with fire equipment will be referred for disciplinary action and/or civil prosecution, which may result in termination of the resident's housing contract or affect the status of the student at the college. The cost incurred for any damage caused by the misuse of fire equipment will be passed along to the student(s) involved. Any fires deliberately set constitute arson and may be grounds for disciplinary action and/or civil proceedings. Also See Campus Policies – Fire Alarm Procedures