6.8 Housing Contract Compliance

The housing contract is a legal and binding document between full-time, registered students and Macalester College. Contracts are extended to students as single individuals as there is no family or married housing. A housing contract is issued for the entire academic year. The contract is legally binding and may not be sublet by the resident. Releases are given to residents automatically when they take an official temporary withdrawal, a permanent withdrawal, transfer or study abroad. Releases are not given for roommate, community or dining services concerns.

Any student user of Macalester facilities or services is required to comply with the Campus Security Act and Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000, including registration with appropriate state agencies. Failure to comply with the requirement may jeopardize one's status as a Macalester student. Macalester College reserves the right to cancel the housing contract of a convicted sex offender or any other convicted person, who may be deemed as disruptive to the educational environment of the residence halls. Any questions regarding the contractual agreement should be directed to the Residential Life office.