6.13 Room Inventory Contracts (RIC) and Damages

When students move into college owned housing, a room inventory condition (RIC) form is filled out by the student. The form indicates the status of the room as the student is moving in and out. It is the student’s responsibility to fill out the inventory form accurately so they are not charged for items they did not damage. Room damages are recorded on the room inventory contract (RIC) form every time a student changes rooms or checks out. For damage costs, please contact your Residence Hall Director. It is expected that students monitor their living environment, especially the areas they use as a community. When damages are found in a common area they are charged to the students living on the floor or in the building, depending upon the situation. Common area damage assessment includes extra cleaning charges caused by student negligence, or destructive or inappropriate behavior. Students found maliciously damaging college property will be taken through the conduct system and may be required to make financial restitution.