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Composting is the simple process of encouraging the decomposition of food or yard scraps. One key aspect of this process is that it allows for a “closed loop” of food waste rather than a throw “away” process.  Food scraps are turned into rich organic materials that are used to grow more food (or other) plants and the scraps can be composted again.  Composting has many styles, which vary based on the user and the goals.  Two common goals are waste reduction and production of rich material for gardening.

The EcoHouse project incorporates composting into the daily life of house residents and will investigate and evaluate different bins and techniques to see what works best.  Expanding and promoting composting in communities and homes is a central goal.

We use an outdoor composting bin for food and yard waste. The composting bin produces nutrient-rich soil and eliminates food waste in landfills.

Compost Bin Compost Bin


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