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Recruiting/Hiring New Employees

The recruiting/hiring process is intended to help managers fill new and/or vacant staff positions. Resources are available through Employment Services to assist managers in filling staff openings. If you would like to begin the recruiting process for a current opening, please review adhere to the following processes.

Opening Your Requisition

  1. If the job needing to be filled is a replacement, please fill out the Employee Status Form for the departing employee and return the Employee Status Form and resignation to Annie McBurney, HR Coordinator in Employment Services.

  2. Email the Talent Acquisition Manager, Tracy Harris, to receive a link to the Requisition Intake Worksheet. To complete this worksheet, you will need information on your salary budget, funding sources, and job details. You will also need to review the current job description Employment Services has on file and make any necessary updates. You will be asked to upload the revised job description to the Requisition Intake Worksheet.

  3. Employment Services will review the completed Requisition Intake Worksheet and revised job description to complete a market evaluation. Once that is complete, the Talent Acquisition Manager will reach out to schedule the intake meeting.

Once submitted, Employment Services will need 2 – 4 business days to process the worksheet, complete the market evaluations, and ensure our systems are updated accordingly. Please take this into consideration as you plan for your hiring timeline.

Meeting One:  The Intake

The Talent Acquisition Manager will schedule an intake meeting.  During this meeting, we will:

  • Confirm who will be a part of your hiring committee;
  • Talk about what compensation range to disclose in the public posting;
  • Determine what Staff Affirmative Action member will be assigned to the search committee;
  • Establish a priority date for your position (the priority date serves as the marker for when interviews may being);
  • Discuss what channels to post your requisition on, i.e. industry or community specific distribution lists or channels.  What connections exist in the current department?;
  • Learn how to collaborate using the applicant tracking system iCIMS.

Meeting Two:  The Interview Process

This meeting should take place close to the priority deadline that was determined during the intake process. In this meeting the hiring manager will:

  • Ask for any needed help on interviewing: suggested questions, format of interview, number of rounds etc.;
  • Determine out of the total pool of candidates who is qualified and merits a first round interview invitation;
  • Review the Equal Employer Opportunity data reporting with the assigned SAAWG member and how it compares to the demographics data of the number of qualified applicants. Examine any possible necessary reconsiderations;
  • Learn to use iCIMS to invite candidates to participate in interviews

At this time, the talent acquisition manager notifies all candidates not invited to interview.

Note on final-round interviewees: The Talent Acquisition Manager will send via email information regarding Macalester’s robust benefit packages to all final-found candidates. Any additional questions you or they may have can be directed to the Talent Acquisition Manager.

Meeting Three:  The Offer Process

  • Once a hiring committee elects a candidate to offer the job to, the hiring manager is encouraged to make the verbal offer to the candidate one on one. The hiring manager needs to come away from the offer conversation with their candidate with a deadline for acceptance. Once the job is accepted, the hiring manager and candidate need to agree on the accepted wage and chosen start date.
  • Hiring Manager is to notify the Talent Acquisition Manager of the agreed upon start date and wage. With this information the Talent Acquisition Manager will form a Wage Notification Statement.
  • The hiring manager will need to review and approve the Wage Notification Statement via an email prompt from iCIMS.
  • After the hiring manager approves, the candidate is then sent the Wage Notification to approve.
  • Once the elected candidate approves the Wage Notification Statement, the Talent Acquisition Manager arranges for our Background Check Vendor (Orange Tree) to initiate a background check and send the candidate their offer letter via email.  This email contains the new employee’s orientation and benefits enrollment meeting schedule and should be reviewed by the hiring manager.
  • It is only once the background check is complete (on average this takes 2-5 days) that the offer is official and the hiring manager can begin to share news of the new hire as they wish.
  • At this point, all finalists not selected should be notified by the hiring manager.

The Onboarding Process

  • Once the background check is complete, the HR Coordinator will send each new hire their assigned onboarding tasks via email.
  • Once the new hire completes every single task their information is uploaded into Macalester’s HRIS system.
  • Once the new hire’s information is uploaded to the HRIS it will then take 24 hours to create the employee’s Macalester Employee ID number and Macalester email address. Please note that this information will not be generated by the HRIS system until at least 10 days from the new hire’s first day of employment.

Once the hiring manager receives the new employee’s Macalester ID and email address they should proceed with the tasks listed in The Hiring Manager’s Onboarding Checklist

Contact the Talent Acquisition Manager with any questions, or call Employment Services at 651-696-6280.