Macalester provides benefit eligible employees emergency travel assistance through SunLife Financial (Assist America). This coverage is paid for in full for you by Macalester. This service is not insurance, but a worldwide emergency medical service that can provide help in times of crisis.  This unique emergency medical and personal assistance program protects you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year whenever you travel more than 100 miles from home.

You and your family (anyone living in your home) can activate Assist America’s emergency medical and personal travel assistance services with one simple phone call to the number on your Assist America ID card (see the Emergency Travel Assistance Brochure in Resource Documents). You will immediately be connected to:

  • Pre-qualified medical providers anywhere on the globe
  • A state-of-the-art Operation Center with world-wide capabilities
  • Air and ground ambulance providers

The Operation Center is staffed with medically trained, multilingual personnel, including nurses and doctors, to advise and assist you quickly and professionally in a medical emergency.

Key Benefits include:

Medical Consultation, Evaluation and Referral Your calls to the Operation Center are evaluated by medical staff and referred to English- speaking doctors and/or hospitals.
Hospital Admission Guarantee Assist America guarantees hospital admission outside the United States by validating your health coverage or by advancing funds to the hospital.
Emergency Medical Evacuation If adequate medical facilities are not available locally, Assist America will use whatever mode of transport, equipment and personnel necessary to evacuate you to the nearest facility capable of providing proper care.
Critical Care Monitoring Assist America’s medical personnel maintain regular communication with your attending physician and/or hospital and relay information to your family.
Medical Repatriation When you still require medical assistance upon being discharged from a hospital, Assist America repatriates you home or to a rehabilitation facility with a medical or non-medical escort, as necessary.
Prescription Assistance If you need a replacement prescription while traveling, Assist America helps with filling that prescription.
Emergency Message Transmission Assist America receives and transmits emergency messages.
Emergency Trauma Counseling Assist America provides initial, telephone-based counseling and referrals to qualified counselors as needed or requested.
Compassionate Visit If a member is traveling alone and will be hospitalized for more than seven days, Assist America will provide economy round-trip common carrier transportation to the place of hospitalization for a designated family member or friend.
Care of Minor Children Assist America arranges for the care of children left unattended as the result of a medical emergency and pays for the transportation costs involved in such arrangements.
Legal and Interpreter Referrals Assist America refers members to interpreters and legal personnel, as necessary.
Return of Mortal Remains Assist America renders every possible assistance in the event of a member’s death, including arranging and paying for the transportation of remains and procuring required documentation.

Using Assist America’s Services

Next time you or your family members are traveling and need emergency assistance, remember to use these numbers:

  • Visit and enter Membership Number 01-AA-SUL-100101
  • Within the U.S. call 800-872-1414; Outside the U.S. call 609-986-1234

One simple phone call puts you in touch with Assist America’s highly-trained staff who will ensure your call is handled promptly, and will even coordinate with your medical benefit plan.

All services must be provided and arranged by Assist America. No claims for reimbursement will be accepted.

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