Macalester provides benefits eligible employees emergency travel assistance through SunLife Financial (Assist America). This coverage is paid for in full for you by Macalester. This service is not insurance, but a worldwide emergency medical service that can provide help in times of crisis.

Benefits include:

  • Medical consultation and evaluation
  • Medical referrals to English-speaking, western-trained physicians
  • Hospital admission guarantee
  • Critical care monitoring
  • Emergency medical evacuations
  • Transportation to return home or to a rehabilitation facility
  • Transport of a friend or relative to join patient (if patient is alone and hospitalized for more than seven days)
  • Transport back home of unattended minor children
  • Prescription assistance
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Legal and interpreter referrals


  • Visit and enter Membership Number 01-AA-SUL-100101
  • Within the U.S. call 800-872-1414; Outside the U.S. call 609-986-1234

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