Employee Handbook

13.3 Emergency Procedures

13.3.1 Accident or Injury

If an employee is seriously ill or injured, call 911 and describe the emergency and location; also call the Security Office at 651-696-6555 for assistance. The St. Paul paramedics will respond to stabilize and transport the employee. If the injury is work-related, request that the ambulance be sent to Regions Hospital. In the case of an illness or non-work-related injury/illness, the employee's health insurance will dictate which hospital the employee is transported to.

The College strongly recommends that you do not transport injured or ill persons to the hospital. Call 911. If responding paramedics refuse to transport, please contact the Security Office for other transportation.Notify the Employment Services Department of the situation. The Employment Services Department will notify family members. The department head (or designee) will be responsible for maintaining contact with the injured person.

13.3.2 Fire

When visible fire or smoke is discovered:

  • Sound the alarm activate the closest manual pull alarm, and
  • Telephone St. Paul Fire Department at 911 and report precise location of fire, and
  • Call Security Office (651-696-6555) and,
  • Exit building, only attempt to extinguish a fire if it presents no risk to your health or safety.
  • Vacate building, and proceed to pre-determined or central meeting area.
  • Account for all employees in your department.
  • Remain in area to guide the Fire Department to the fire.

13.3.3 Severe Weather

Macalester College is a residential college, and as such, must make every effort to remain open and provide essential services to the College community.

In the event the college must close due to severe weather, the official closure notice will be announced via electronic media such as the local radio and TV stations; the college’s website, e-mail, and other electronic notification systems.

If you are a staff employee, who is required to work or report time (for purposes of payroll) during a severe weather closure, see policy 3.12 for specific instructions.

In the event of a severe thunderstorm warning, notices are given by the National Weather Service on radio and television. If threatening conditions develop, be prepared to go to your building's basement or lower floor inner hallway. Stay away from windows or large open rooms that may have poorly supported roofs.

In the event of a tornado warning, sirens will sound steadily for 5 minutes, notices will be given on radio and television. Go to the basement of your building or inner hallway on a lower floor. Stay away from windows and large open rooms that may have poorly supported roofs.

Severe Weather Information

Macalester College Suggested Tornado Shelters on Campus

13.3.4 Bomb Threat

In the event that a bomb threat is received by telephone:

  • write down the exact message, asking for the bomb's location and time of detonation.
  • notify the Security Office at 651-696-6555, or Physical Plant at 651-696- 6278.
  • notify the St. Paul police by calling 911

Macalester College Bomb Threat Procedure