Employment Services is committed to developing a staff workforce that maintains the high standards of Macalester College. Below please find a list of resources to assist you in successfully leading your staff.

Leave Reports

Managing staff absences is critical for every department, and part of that is managing leave reports.  Please see the overview below on how to enter leave taken on a leave report, as well as how to approve a leave report.  Use the following links for more detailed instructions.

Entering Leave

  1. Log in to 1600Grand and access the Employee Dashboard
  2. In the My Activities menu on the right, click on Enter Leave Report
  3. Select the date for which you need to enter leave, and click Start Leave Report when prompted
  4. Use the Earn Code dropdown menu to select the correct type of leave, and enter the number of hours you were away
  5. Click Save in the lower right corner
  6. Once you’ve completed your leave entry, click Preview in the lower right corner, and Submit in the pop-up box

Approving Leave

  1. Log in to 1600Grand and access the Employee Dashboard
  2. In the My Activities menu on the right, click Approve Leave Report
  3. For each employee with a Pending leave report, click on the three-dot Action Menu next to their name
  4. From there, select Preview
  5. If the leave reported looks correct, select Approve. If it needs to be edited, select Return for Correction

Entering Leave Taken – Detailed

Approving Leave Reports – Detailed

Staff Performance Reviews

Staff performance reviews are conducted each spring with a deadline for completion of May 1 each year. A review is considered complete when it has been delivered and discussed with the employee, signed by both the employee and supervisor, and turned into Employment Services. Performance reviews are not required for any staff members hired or promoted to a new position on or after December 1st of the previous year. However, supervisors are encouraged to conduct performance reviews with all employees they supervise. For additional information on staff performance review, please contact Employment Services at 651-696-6280 or .

If you are having trouble opening a job description sent to you as an email attachment, use the appropriate instructions below:

For PCs:

  1. Hover the cursor over the attachment in the email body.
  2. Click the Download icon (a downward-facing arrow).
  3. The document may open automatically. If it does not, a bar should pop up across the bottom of the screen showing that the document downloaded.  Hover the cursor over the document name in that bar so that a dropdown arrow for a menu bar appears.
  4. Double-click on the dropdown arrow and select “Show in Folder”
  5. This will open the folder into which the document has been saved. Click on the appropriate file name.
  6. If you still receive an error, you will need to close out of the file, update your free version of Adobe, and try again beginning at Step 1.

For MACs:

  1. Update your Adobe Reader to Acrobat Reader DC (there is no fee for this program).
  2. Return to the email, and hover the cursor over the attachment.
  3. Click the Download icon (a downward-facing arrow), and the file will go to your Downloads folder.
  4. Go into Finder and select the Downloads folder.
  5. Right click on the new file, select ‘Open With’, and choose Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Managing Performance/Attendance

For questions or help with managing employee performance please contact Employment Services at 651-696-6280.

Annual Staff Compensation

Annual staff compensation adjustments take place and are effective the beginning of each academic year (September 1st). Any staff members hired or promoted to a new position on or after March 1st are not eligible for the annual September 1st increase immediately following the date of hire or promotion.  Exceptions to this rule must be approved in advance by the Director of Employment Services.

Employment Services Resources

Our goal is to provide resources that will help you be a successful leader. We would love to help you with any specific questions you may have. Please check out the Who Should I Contact page for additional information on our areas of expertise.