The recruiting process is intended to help managers fill new and/or vacant staff positions.  Resources are available through Employment Services to assist managers in filling staff openings. If you would like to begin the recruiting process for a current opening, please review and complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: If open position is a replacement for a departing employee, complete and submit an Employee Status Form to Employment Services.
  • Step 2: Notify recruiter of job opening.
  • Step 3: Review and update job description for the open position, please contact Employment Services if you need a copy of the job description.
  • Step 4: Send updated job description to recruiter for review.
  • Step 5: Complete and submit the Staff Position Requisition Form to recruiter.
  • Step 6: Meet with recruiter to discuss the recruiting process, identify the best recruiting strategy for the open position, and obtain additional recruiting materials.
  • Step 7: Once steps 1-6 are complete, recruiter will post the job internally and externally for the length determined with the hiring manager.

Do you have additional questions on recruiting new employees?
Please contact Employment Services at 651-696-6053.