How to Post a Job

The JobX site has an online job board where students can view and apply for positions posted by supervisors. Access to JobX is limited to Macalester faculty and staff use only. All open positions must be posted on the JobX site so that students eligible for financial aid have an equal opportunity to apply and be considered for employment.  To post a new job, contact Student Employment at  or 651-696-6835.

Time Sheets, Payroll and Pay Rates

Student Employee Evaluations

Students are to be formally evaluated in writing by their supervisor at least once a year.  Objective performance appraisals provide a counseling and coaching experience for both supervisors and their student employees. There are several other reasons for them to be done:

  • Provide each student with individual, constructive feedback on their work performance.
  • Give the supervisor the opportunity to discuss areas for improved performance during the remainder of the year and to solicit additional tasks, responsibilities or projects.
  • Help students establish a documented work history.
  • Complete the Performance Appraisal Form (PDF)  Find out how to get past Please Wait...

Disciplinary Action

Non-Aid or No-Need Student Employment

Under certain conditions no-need students may be hired through Student Employment. Refer to the Student Employment Handbook for more information.