• Thien An Pham
      I’m Thien An Pham (he/him/his) and I’m a senior from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I’m double majoring at Applied Math/Stats and Economics. I like eating out or watching movies with friends in my free time. I enjoy music and usually listen to hip hop and pop.
    • Tulsi Patel
      I’m interested in exploring how Entrepreneurship can create solutions-based approaches in terms of the environment and food sovereignty. My vision is to work towards healing our relationship with the land and building systems of production and distribution that actually serve all of us, but for now I work through Entrepreneurship with MacSHARE, a student-run food co-op, to provide Mac students with access to fresh, local produce.
    • Doan Khanh (DK)
      I have a big interest in innovative design technology which requires a high level of observation, creative & logical thinking process. In addition, the entrepreneur mindset drives me to apply my ability to contribute to the surrounding community.
    • Ethan Moskal
      I love exploring entrepreneurship and the Twin Cities startup community. It gives me a lot of energy and keeps me hopeful for the future. But I also strive to have a little bit of everything in my life (drumming, design, acting, writing and performance). I’m happiest around new people and new surroundings (I love to learn!) so please come to talk to me about anything and everything.