Summer 2015 LIF recipients

Rosa Druker | parva, chile

By designing and piloting an after-school art program for K-8 students in Chile, Rosa will use artistic expression to contribute to existing efforts to experiment with alternative education in low-income schools. Students will address questions of identity and community, which will give them tools to increase self-esteem and resolve conflicts.

Wynonna Ardiansyah | St. Paul, MN

Wynonna will pilot a 12-member Japanese dance class for youth from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds to encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. The youth will have the opportunity to perform in August during the 60th anniversary sister-city celebrations between St. Paul and Nagasaki, with Nagasaki youth in attendance.

Qisheng Li and Qiong Yang | Beijing, China

The goal of this project is to provide skill­building opportunities for migrant children at Dandelion School, the first non­profit middle school for migrant students on the outskirts of Beijing. This project will help students build core skills in leadership, public speaking, and research by conducting workshops, then having students design and implement their own projects to improve the school’s conditions and learning environment.

Juliette Myers | St. paul, mn

Juliette’s project will provide the opportunity for underserved high school girls of immigrant communities to explore the concepts of race, gender and identity through the construction of a large-scale mosaic mural. Through this project, they will build confidence, explore identity, and give back through self-reflection, collaboration, and powerful artistic expression.

Willa Childress | nehalem, oregon

This project seeks to break down language barriers and foster cross­cultural understanding in rural Oregon. Willa will create a community conversation circle that incorporates shared weekly meals, informal partnered learning, and translated dialogue around common themes empowering the bilingual youth to take leadership roles.