2017 Mac Nest Participants

Salman Ahmed ’20 (computer science, economics, data science minor)

Garage Grown Gear is an e-commerce startup promoting local outdoor gear startups on their website. As a business development intern, I will work directly with the CEO assisting in web design, marketing and finance.

Sylvia Deyo ’18 (International Studies, Minors: Arabic (Classics) and Hispanic Studies)

Find Your Power expands internet access for underrepresented women worldwide to connect them with resources that further education, advocacy, community, and employment. I will be helping establish its base of connections and networks, find funding, and realize a local trial of its goals in Minneapolis.

Albert Lee  ’20 (Economics/Asian Studies/Critical Theory)

Collaborative Community Law Initiative strives to close the justice gap by connecting low and middle income Minnesotans with lawyers who provide low bono legal services. As an operations intern, I will be creating public awareness of the justice gap and finding quantitative solutions to mitigate its consequences.

John Garner  ’20 (computer science, economics, data science minor)

Homi is a network that connects current students from colleges/universities to alums from that institution for mentoring, internships and jobs. I will be working on software and business development.

Annalivia Robinson  ’18 (Economics, WGSS, CGH)

Fair Anita sells jewelry and crafts made by women in developing countries in order to give them financial independence to escape the cycle of abuse. I am working as the marketing and development intern.

Elizabete Romanovska ’19 (Psychology, International studies)

Asiya Sport’s mission is to help enable more Muslim girls & women to be physically active and participate in sports, while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs. I will work in the areas of marketing, communication, strategy and international outreach.

Anna Rynearson  ’19 (Political Science Major, Educational Studies Minor, Legal Studies Concentration)

Cow Tipping Press amplifies the voices of adults with developmental disabilities through the lens of creative writing, giving readers a new way to think about this rich form of human diversity in hopes of changing mindsets around disability at large. My role will include responsibilities such as researching funding sources, internal evaluation, reader outreach, and fundraising.

Kaleb Mazurek  ’18 (International Studies Major. Arabic and Economics Minor. Middle East and North Africa Studies Concentration)

Cultivate International provides resources to local leaders throughout the world who have a project for their local community but do not know how to bring the idea to fruition. I will be helping the organization with fundraising, development, and events.

Sebastian Ramirez Morera  ’19 (International Studies Major /Media and Cultural Studies and Portuguese Minor)

Language Sprout Publishing is creating a language teaching curriculum to expand their services in other places in Minnesota. I will be working in publishing, graphic design and marketing.

Ikran Sheikh-Mursal  ’20 (International Studies/Arabic)

GogyUp connects skilled adult workers with employers in order to provide economic security and workplace literacy. My role will be marketing, potential partnership outreach, and research.

Yujin Jang  ’18 (Economics and Computer Science double major)

Cider Expert is an app where cider fans can rate different ciders from all over the world. I will market and advertise the app by attending events to connect with different cider providers and communicating with the users.

Nikhita Jain  ’19 (Economics and Applied Mathematics)

Wholeme is dedicated to providing healthier snacks that are better for you! These granola clusters are gluten free, preservative free and paleo friendly! I will help with marketing the products, attend events and manage data.

Rachel Wong  ’19 (International Studies major, Geography minor)

HabitAware makes wearable technology for people who have bodily-focused repetitive behaviors (trichotillomania, dermatillomania, etc) to be more conscious of their hand movements. I help with testing and shipping inventory, web page design, and business analysis and development.