Welcome 2017 MacStartups Cohort!

2017 Mac Startups Teams

Kimchili Eatery is a fast, casual eatery serving as a healthy, customizable alternative in Minnesota with the flavors of Korea. We aim to expand our catering business and enter the downtown Minneapolis Skyway. Driven by the original culture of the food, we put community at the core and also aim to make Korean food accessible through socially impacting communities fighting hunger.
Team:  Bo Kim, Eun Shin, Hans Han

FUNL is a social media dating/hookup application that adds integrity and safety to young adult night life while encouraging openness and acceptance of one’s sexuality and sexual nature.
Team:  Clinton Kunhardt, Garrett Goodstein

JustConnect is a recruitment agency that helps assist people with criminal records find jobs. Our goal is to make it easier for people coming out of the criminal justice system to find meaningful employment and provide them with a second chance.
Team:  Ben Lewis, Rachel Stromsta

Build Volume is a coalition that works at the intersection of arts and social justice. Through community events, an online platform, and an arts makers’ space, we value collaboration as an asset to creating more opportunities for radical and political art.
Team:  Juliette Myers, Zeam Porter

Memento is a mobile application designed to help college students manage their schedules more effectively. It helps college students stay on track with their schedules through its integration with learning management systems, Facebook events, Google calendar, and more.
Team:  Hosea Ogeleka, Andrew Cui 

Inecdote is an educational startup which breaks down Chinese characters and combines theier components into funny and easily-memorized stories. We aim to replace the existing Chinese character learning method (repetitive copying) by story telling. We hope to bring our audience a time-traveling experience and re-connection between the meaning and structure of the characters.
Team:  Eric Mok, Matthew Nguyen

In the winter of 2016, QuickCare discovered first hand that illness relief is a difficult task for students who are busy, lack transportation, and whose parents are far away. We offer a comprehensive care package delivered on-demand and designed by college students for college students to bring relief within the first few hours of being sick.
Team:  Daniel Neff, Isaac Siegel, Jake Hill